Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Happy June!! My favorite time of the year is here, and this June we have so many fun things coming up I can just barely stand it!
I'm doing some more Wednesday Loves again this week ... I think it's good for my soul to concentrate on silly happies every once in a while ...

MAGAZINES!!! I totally love finding magazines in the mailbox ... these are my four faves. Of course, I rarely find time to read them- but I actually have gotten through all these and they were lovely.

The Swap Shoppe OK, so as much as I act like The Swap Shoppe wears me out, I actually totally love it. I realized that this time I totally procrastinated and didn't do ANYTHING until like 3 days before my sale (which was responsible for most of my stress, duh.) and then threw it together. So really if I had just done a little here and there it would have been done. Lesson learned. Thankful for a way to make some extra moolah to support my silly love of cute kiddo clothes and eBay splurging that I doubt the hubs will ever understand. :)

Pool Dayysss!!! Have I already done this one? I don't even care. It just doesn't get old. I totally heart the pool and so do the kids. Did I mention I lovveee summer?!?!

Zzzzzz... Sawyer has been sleeping 12 hours a night over the last week ... and it's glorious. GLORIOUS!!! That means Avery, Dalton AND Sawyer all sleep until around 8' oclock every day giving me plenty of time to wake up, have some quiet time, a cup of coffee with a ridiculous amount of coffeemate and even pick up a little or do a load of never-ending laundry before they're up. Eek! Pinch me!

Streams in the Desert: by L.B. Cowman I forgot about this daily living book that I used to love and surpirse, surprise- I love it still. I've been reading through it most mornings and it brings in SO much perspective. I am so grateful for all of God's blessings and sad that I can let little things rock my world sometimes. I typically do pretty well with not letting things ruffle my feathers. But then, every once in a while a little thing can irk me for days: a comment from a friend, a huffy cashier, or a mean e-mail when I totally forgot to ship a Swap Shoppe purchase. Anyway, I love this book and the quotes in it totally quench my Spirit ... I can't quit thinking about this one from May 29th ...

"Speak thou to Him for He heareth,
And spirit with spirit will meet!
Nearer is He than breathing.
Nearer than hands and feet."

-Maltbie D. Babcock

Hope you have a loverly Wednesday!!


morgan smith said...

what a great thing to read on this wednesday morning:) quite uplifting! i want to get my hands on that country living magazine too. maybe we could do a magazine swap at the pool.... not that i could read it there while i'm trying to keep them from going under or anything, but you know, at home when i'm feeding the kids lunch or something??:)

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Oh! Love the magazine swap idea! ;) and I actually got two Country Livings this month for some reason so I'll stash it in my pool bag for the next time I see you. We're going tomorrow!

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