Thursday, May 26, 2011

Love Potion #9

9 Months.

This little booger here is 9 months old. What. The. Heck.
I feel like I JUST posted the 8 month post!! This month has flownnnn by and I feel like I have hit a height of all time busyness! I am about to really cut out some stuff so we can spend as many lazy days as possible this summer at the lake and pool.
I don't think much has changed around here in the last few weeks ... But here's what's going on with our favorite NINE month old!

-Sawyer falls asleep whereever he is by 8:30 if you haven't put him in his crib. But he prefers to go night-night at 8. He greets the day at around 6:30, sometimes earlier. I try to get him a bottle quickly so he'll go back to sleep and I can get some quiet time ... Sometimes that works out, sometimes not.

-He still takes a big morning nap for a couple hours and then his afternoon nap is hit or miss. The days that the kids don't have MDO I can usually get them all down at the same time and it's fabulous.

-To add to his bottom toofies, I mean teeth, he is in the process of getting FOUR top teeth. That has been the cause of many sleepless nights and two lovely ear infections we found out yesterday. My babes always get ear infections when they're teething. But he's had a couple doses of his anti-biotic now and is already crawling around happily.

-On that note I should mention he is still rocking out a crazy army crawl. It is just the funniest little thing!

-He is also pulling up on everything! Scaring me to death, Sawyer! I have found him in the silliest places. Including, but not limited to bookshelves, laundry baskets, up on the couch (thanks Dalton), hiding in the back of my closet ... The list goes on. He also DIVES out of his exersaucer. He's over it.

-This month he is weighing in at 21 pounds, wearing 9-12 month clothes and size 4 diapers.

-Still loving all his baby food and even snacks on some soft table food. He's still losing interest in bottles (who could blame him) he drinks three 6oz a day. He is also very content to sit in high chair and eat puffs, goldfish, or crackers. He also majorly hearts his juice cup. Lovesss it.

-We moved him into a big boy seat this month. He's so happy in his new big chair. He giggles and squeals looking out the window. Look at this big boy!

-He is QUITE the jibber-jabberer.
Always babbling about something- just like his mommy.

You melt my heart more and more every day! You are perfectly precious and delightfully darling! Love you with my WHOLE heart!!

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