Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Loves

I'm Thisclose to calling it quits on my "What I'm Loving Wednesday." My computer is having a complete hissy fit and attempting to ruin my day. But, I'm refusing to let that happen... So, in honor of my optimism I'll tell you the things I'm loving this week. (Do not expect to find my computer on this list ... )

First up: my new favorite drug store finds!

The first is the Jergens "Express Glow" sunless tanner. I heart sunless tanners and I've probably tried them all. Obviously there are two types of cosmetic products: drug store and department store and this sunless tanner encompasses almost all the things I love about my pricier fav. It dries quickly so you don't have that yucky sticky feeling, it doesn't smell terrible and you can tell a difference quickly. Sometimes if I'm in a hurry, I use that and then use their foam product right after and it gives color FAST!!
Next is the Maybelline Mousse make up. I must tell you I can get a little excited with bronzers. Like, I have to hide them from myself in the winter bc I'm totally OK being orange over pastiness. Aaron hates it! But this bronzer and blush are awesome! They go on super easy, they're light and wear well all day. I've heard the concealer/foundation is great too and I am gonna pick some up soon!
Last, but not least, is the Loreal Voluminous mascara. I'm pretty sure this has been around for ages. I remember in Junior High Whitney Wingo had it and had beautimous lashes. I always opted for Maybelline Full and Soft. But THIS mascara is fabulous! Even more than some of my dept store faves! For real!! I just don't think I'll ever try anything else!

My next new love is ...

Organic baby food in these delightful little on-the-go pouches. Sawyer is obsessed! So, that means I am too. They come in tons of yummy flavors and he scarfs them down! His all-time fav is the "Ella's Kitchen" purple one ...

You buy these handy dandy spoons that attach to the top so that the yummy goodness just comes right out. So it's a spoon, bowl combo all in one!! I wish I had the time/desire to make my own. But, it has left me. And this is a great alternative. Love!!

This week I'm also loving the show ... Sister Wives.

It's on TLC on Sunday nights and I'm completely engrossed in the lifestyle and the story line of this show. I cannot believe they do this. Like, shoot me dead. How are they ok with that?? I would pretty much share anything with anyone ... But your hubby?!?! Ummm ... No ma'am. I will cut you. Just sayin'.

I have to end with saying I am just so exited about my new "j.o.b." I won't totally say what it is until next week when I can give more deets, but ... I'm pumped. And I hope you will be too! Stay tuned ...

Hope you have a loverly Wednesday!!

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Mallory said...

that mascara has been my staple for years. LOVE it.

Morgan said...

The "I will cut you" comment cracks me up!!!!

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