Friday, May 6, 2011


I really think that the babies get funnier every day ... They just make me laugh and laugh! Here are some of our Friday Funnies

Lately when I'm getting on to Avery, make her go to her room or especially if I spank her Dalton runs up to me and says, "High Five, Mommy!"

We were driving down the interstate and Dalton was having a BREAKDOWN because he dropped one of the 14 horseys he was holding. He kept screaming at me to pull over. Finally after explaining why I couldn't pull over on the side of I-30 to climb back three rows to find his horse, I said, "Dalton, I don't care!" Avery's eyes got big and she all but came of her carseat shaking her finger and saying, "yes you do, Mommy! Yes, you do!" You say you're sorry right this minute or I'm pulling this car over."

Avery has decided she pretty much hates vegetables besides green beans and mashed potatoes. Every night we're having something different she says, "I will not eat begebabbles, I don't like begebabbles and I don't want the begebabbles on my plate. Don't make me eat the begebabbles. I won't do it. I wont."

Yesterday I looked up and Avery was stripping down in the living room. I asked her what she was doing and she held up a dress and said, "Oh mom, I'm getting dressed for my anniversary."

Sometimes Dalton will transform into what we call "Deep voice Dalton." He uses it if he gets really excited and says "Oh my gosh!!" or if he's really mad. He even puts his head down to really get into a deep voice. I was getting on to Avery about something and I guess he was getting mad and yelled out "Stop fighting, Momma. Just stop that!!" -Deep Voice Dalton

Avery has some major potty anxiety about going ... #2 in the potty. It's something I've finally had to tell myself I can't force and I'm just not going to freak out about it anymore. Anyway, we've had a breakthrough the last couple days and the first time that she went she came running in the kitchen, hands clasped exclaiming! "Mommy! I have good news! I just couldn't believe my eyes! I went poo-poo in the potty!!!" (I so tried to not actually use the p- word, but I had to say it there. Deepest apologies.

Yesterday I was painting Avery's nails and she said, "Oh mommy! It's the most dazzling thing I ever had!" I. Love. Her.
Right after this a new swimsuit I ordered came in the mail and she insisted on putting it on. I have to say, since my plans of having 3 girls fell through, I'm so glad she's such a girly girl. :)

Sawyer is growing and getting busier and sillier and just more precious every day. He spends his days squealing and scooching all around the house looking for whatever edible or non-edible thing he can put in his mouth... Which on my floors is NOT ok. I get down on hands
and knees cleaning and he STILL finds terrible things. I love this little picture of him laid out in his Mack's t-shirt, juice cup in hand watching Baby Einstein. Such a wittle man.

Hope your Friday is Unforgettable!! :)


hannah said...

dalton saying, "hi five, mommy" is hands down, the best thing i've ever heard. i cannot stop laughing! every time i see him, i'm gonna fall out laughing. so just know that's what it's about.

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