Friday, May 20, 2011


This is going to have to be short and sweet. I think I always say that and then end up rambling on. Anywho, I have like a gazillion things to be doing right now; but ... ya know how that goes over here. If you came in my house right now you might turn me into that hoarding show. There are children's clothes everyyywhere for the upcoming Swap Shoppe sale ... whoops.
Plus, the rain is encouraging to just camp out right here on my couch, under a quilt watching Caillou with Avery while the boys nap. It's the rain's fault I tell ya.

This has been a fun week in the Boonies! We've played hard, swam a lot and just had a loverly time. And of course there were some funnies to remember along the way! :)

Dalton will pretty much eat anything. He'll try anything and isn't very picky once it's on his plate. However, if you ask him what he wants to eat he will either say, "Chicken and dip" (chicken nuggets and honey mustard) or "Mac 'n cheese." (Even for breakfast)

Whenever D does something "big-boyish" he says, "Momma,Will you clap?? Now laugh!" And if I don't laugh correctly, he laughs to show me how. He's such a mess!

Yesterday A and D were playing outside and they had water they were spraying on each other which made their barefoot feet muddy. They kept trying to come in and out, in and out. During one attempt I said, "Y'all need to stay out there until you're all done playing- you're filthy!" And Avery gasped and said, "Oh! We are SO sorry Momma. We didn't know we were filthy." Then she poked her head back in and said, "Hey Momma, what's filthy?"

When ever I tell Dalton to do something he isn't thrilled about he shrugs his shoulders and lets out a super deep sigh ... It always makes me laugh. How does he know to do that?!?!

Aren't they sweet!

Today I took Dalton to the doctor because he had run some fever and his throat was hurting him. Afterward we went to get an Icee to make him feel better ... A lady there saw him and said, "Aww! Aren't you pretty?!" He didn't miss a beat and said, "I not pretty, I Dalton."

I was just about to post this and I turned around to see A had fallen asleep on the top of the couch cushions ... Wuv her. It's her last day to be 3. How did that happen?!?!

Oh yeah, and Sawyer was there too. ;)

Hope your Friday is Unforgettable! XO

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