Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Special News

Today we found out THE most special news! Sarah Baker and Ben are expecting a B-O-Y!!!
We are all SO thrilled and beyond excited to meet little Benjamin "Noah" Wellons in mid-October. I am already counting down the days to snuggle that sweet little thing!

This morning I told Avery, "Tonight we are going to Dede's and we will find out whether Rah-Rah has a boy baby or a girl baby in her belly." Avery got excited and said, "If it is a girl baby I will shout, and if it is a boy baby then Ben will shout."
Oh she is so funny! We got to Dede's and SB had requested Chicken Spaghetti, Salad, Bread, and Watermelon. ;)

I took a bunch of pictures on my real camera, but that would involve pulling out the laptop, sitting at the table, downloading and uploading ... So I'll just use my phone pics for now and try to update later ... Which I always say and never do. Soooo typical of me.

I mean, how sweet is my mom?!?! We literally planned this THIS morning and we come over to this lovely arrangement ... I realize she doesn't have little ones at home, but still. She just makes everything wonderful. I love her with my whole heart.
Notice the colors are all cream because we didn't know what it was yet.

SB wanted us to wear either pink or blue to say what we thought it was and then after dinner (yes, she made us wait THROUGH dinner, I was SO mad!!) we picked out a white w/blue sprinkle cupcake or pink ... So here I am in blue with my boy cupcake!

Then we all went out back to see which cupcake they would pick to tell us whether it was a boy or girl!

Everyone has their cupcake predicting their choice ...
I have a video of this that is just REFUSING to load. But, it was BLUE!
We all cheered and cried ... Because that's what we do.
It was a great night!!

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The Ranch Mom said...

Love it! Congrats on being an aunt again...isn't it the best?

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