Saturday, May 14, 2011

Those Days

There are all types of days at the Boone house as I'm sure any other ... We have busy days, whiney days, slow days, rainy days, crazy days, inside days, happy days, at home days, and days that I just refer to as "those days." Those days usually occur when things just don't fall the way I'd like, where I probably didn't get much quiet time, or even a shower. Days like today as I run in USA drug for pull ups and the cashier asks me if I'm ok
due to my ensemble and "hair-don't."
Sometimes just a normal day of diaper changes, juice cup refills, fight club referee-ing, and really just watching out for youngin's while cooking up dinners all while bouncin' a 19 pound baby on my hip is kinda exhausting. I'm itching for 8:30 so I can lie all these yayhoots in their beds and talk to their daddy. I'm telling myself that this day will make tomorrow even better. All the while I'm folding laundry and I turned on the 20/20 I recorded last night about the cute blogger momma of 4 who was in a plane crash and her 65-80% of her body was badly burned. Her face being the worst. After being in a drug induced coma for 3 months and multiple surgeries she came home after 5 months and her kiddos could barely speak to her because she looked so different. When I say I have this nightmare all the time, I'm not kidding. Like, several times a year. I dream I'm in some kind of terrible accident, I'm severely burned and then my babies won't let me hug, kiss, and hold them because they're scared of me. So seeing someone go through this kinda rocked me world! I've been crying since the opening credits. And it just made me realize for the 837,192,632nd time that we are only here for a moment. Nothing is forever, nothing is guaranteed or promised except that God will love us through it. I spend so much time dwelling on such fleeting things. I so easily overcommit myself and then get frustrated by my busyness that I don't put my time in to the areas that count. I'm in a process of Spring Cleaning ... Out with the things that aren't of the utmost important. To declutter our lives. My mom always says , "if not you, then who. If not now, then when." in reference to life, marriage, and child raising. Meaning if I'm not doing it, then who is. Or if I'm not investing in my marriage then who will (Besides that tall, dark, and handsome hubby of mine)

Am I making any sense? Probably not. And I'll probably end up deleting this post ... Ha!

Hope everyone has a Happy Saturday that is less polarizing than mine!! ;)

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Linds said...

oh, I have "those days"... regularly. I always laugh when people say "how do you get your little one's hair to do that?!" thinking "lady, clearly you don't have your glasses on, because if you did, you'd realize I didn't take the time to SHOWER myself today much less put my son's hair in some hairdo :) LOL. You're a good momma Rebekah! I always tell myself, while the days will be long, the years will be short, so enjoy the moments for they are fleeting :)

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