Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wednesday Loves

I kinda love that once a week I am sitting down to say exactly what I l-o-v-e right now. No matter how frivolous it sounds, I just enjoy thinking of silly little things that make me happy. That is all.

Without further ado, Let me start with ...

Sonic's Vanilla Fanta. I really love everything at Sonic ... even the Hot Dogs ... Shhh, add that to my list of what to NOT tell my sister!!
It's probably 99% about the large styrofoam cups that are terribly bad for the environment, but absolutely one of my fav 100 things on earth. Is that contradictory? Don't answer that.
Anyway, the Vanilla Fanta is JUST like the old-school orange dreamsicle push-pops I used to love when I was little. I kept seeing it on the menu, but I was so scared to not get my normal Vanilla Coke! Finally, I did it. I'm trying to get off Cokes completely, so this is helping. It's amazing what the absolution of being in a bathing suit in public, in the very near future will do to a girl. Especially since my preggo sister raided my tankini stash only leaving two pieces ... NOT bikinis. There is a difference. I'm not sure what it is, but it's there. Thank goodness for my sunless tanner, if you can't tone it-tan it. Duh.

SPEAKING of which, I'll bring you to my next love: Arbonne Fizzy Tabs!

During my closet clean-up I found these and I totally heart them. These aren't necessarily a new love, but I couldn't have them when I was preggo or nursing so they're new to me! They are little tabs that dissolve in your water bottle that boost your metabolism, suppress your appetite, and increase your energy. And they help me drink more water because they're super tasty. My fav flavor is Pomegranate Splash. Love.

Also, I have a confession. I've been working out. You heard me ... Working out. Which is NOT my thing. I used to LOVE to work out, I did kickboxing several times a week and even lifted a weight or two and everything. But, then I was in a super traumatic car wreck and my knees are pretty much permanently messed up. Dr. H told me I would probably need double knee replacements eventually. And that just sounds AWESOME. Anyway, long story short, any kind of impact exercise is not an option. My knees hurt when it's cold outside, much less pounding pavement. However, I have a new obsession ...
It's Mandy Ingber's Yogalosophy DVD. I've done it every day for the last week! Can you believe it?!?! I can't! I've heard that if you do something every day for two weeks it will stick ... we'll see! I'm sore all over every day. I'm pretty sure that's a good thing. She's super cute and fun and I just really love the workout! I've been following her on Twitter, and she even tweeted back to me the other day when I posted a picture of my kiddies doing Yoga with me! So, I doubly love her.

Next on my list are these Fabric Floaties.

First of all they're way cute. Second of all, they're way more comfy on their little arms and third of all they're WAY easy to get on and off. Brooke brought some for Avery the other day because she got Rayney the wrong size and we're hooked! I had to get D some ASAP. We love the fabric floaties.

Lastly, is my new bedtime. This is not a joke. I have been in bed by 9pm for like two weeks now. I remember my mom going to bed at 8:30 for years and always wondering what in the WORLD she was doing. I know now. Totally get it. Considering I have to wake up BY 5:30-6 if I want any time by myself in the morning, I just have to get to bed early. Thank goodness for this ...

It makes it more bearable.

Well, I think that's all for this week! I hope you have a Loverly Wednesday! :)


Linds said...

I'm trying (read: failing miserably) to get off Dr. Pepper. Drew turned me on to these little great value drink packets that have caffeine in them. I am hooked, although I hate them now because they have artificial sweetner, which IMO is worse than being hooked to Dr. Pepper. It's like a vicious cycle.

Morgan said...

Ha ha!! You love the new coffeemate stuff!! Cracking me up!!

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