Friday, May 13, 2011


It's hard to post funnies right now, because so many of the funny things they say are due to their sweet voice inflections or just how profound it is for a 2 or 3 year old to be saying the things they are! So bear with me ...

Hopefully I'll remember all the unbelievable cuteness that they live out daily, years and years down the road. I can just have complete breakdowns thinking about how in a few years the little precious, darling 8 months, 2 years and 3 years old versions of these babies will be gone- replaced with older different versions. Ok Ok, I'm tearing up. This is too deep for Friday Funnies. But really, in case you didn't know I just totally love love these little ones. And especially if you're that momma who heard me yell out a bad word really loud the other day in the parking lot of the athletic club when Dalton jumped on top of me crushing all the slushies in my lap ... I really do love them. Bc I'm sure in that moment it was doubtable.

Okay ... To the Unforgettables:

One day this week I was getting everyone dressed but I was still in my PJ's. Avery walked up to me and said, "Momma, you really need to get dressed. Noone wants to see you like that."

Dalton is obsessed with "surprises" lately. Good and bad ... I won't go in to details on the bad, they aren't worth remembering. But every. single. time. He says: "Close your eyes ... No peeking! Open ... Surprise!!" I love him.

Sawyer has become obsessed with the bathtub now that he can sit up! I love it! He splashes and plays and plays for as long as
I let him. I'm just hoping and praying this carries over to the beach, lake, and pool.

Whenever Dalton does something he thinks is really big boyish he puts his hands on his hips and goes into "Deep Voice Dalton" saying, "That's how you do it!" It is so stinkin' funny.

Yesterday I was on the phone and someone told me something or other and I said, "well, that's just stupid." Avery came up and covered my hand in hers and said, "Oh Momma. We don't say stupid, we had a deal remember? That's just not a nice word."

Sawyer has been in to all kinds of things this week ...
Here he is sitting up in the cart ...

Here he is escaping out the back door ...


Sarah Baker and I got so tickled when I ran by her house one morning this week and we were sitting in her living room talking and watching The Today Show. Sawyer was rolling around the floor until he pulled up on the couch and grabbed the remote. Somehow he hit the button and it changed the channel to Sesame Street. We laughed and laughed that he was just trying to watch his own show. :)

Earlier this week we were at my moms and Avery was playing with Emerson. She came outside with a big wad of money she had "found" in Emerson's wallet. I told her she had to take it back to E and how he earned that money by doing chores. Then that night in her prayers she prayed, " Dear God, I really pray I'll do my chores tomorrow so I can get some money, so I can be prepared for anything."

I'll end with this little pic I snapped of Avery reading Dalton and Sawyer her princess book in the car. She was showing the pictures and reading just like she was a teacher. Love that lamby.

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