Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Well, hey. It's me again.

I'm always seeing this on people's blogs and am giving in and telling you what I'm loving this week. I'm not sure I'll keep it up, but hey, it might stick.
I think the general idea is just to write what I'm loving this week ... Hence the title. I'm obviously in a very deep, serious phase of life. Try to keep up ...

I'm linking up with Lindsay to do her "What I'm Loving Wednesday" deal ...

Today I'm loving Mothers Day Out. Here are my cute kiddies this morning. I love their little school, I love their little teachers, I love their little friends and I know they're having a blast. Oh, and I'm so thankful for the break. Ahhh ... Love.

I'm also LOVING the sunshine. Life is just BETTER with sunshine and nice weather. The soggy, rainy, muddy, humid weather with constant severe weather threats were getting so old and so exhausting. Thank GOODNESS for clear skies and pretty weather.

I'm also always loving spontaneous, yummy dinner get-togethers at my parents like we had last night. Both of my sisters and their hubbys came too. My mom truly is the best cook ever and I just love being around my family. I love our conversations, I love watching the babies entertain everyone, I love laughing at things I feel like no one else would laugh at besides my mom and sisters ... I just love my family. And it has me slightly convinced that as crazy as it sounds, I think I want at least one more baby. Obviously, I need to wait at least 2-3 years (so not our style), but I just l-o-v-e big families. This is a pic of the scrumptious dinner my mom made. It's Shrimp and White Cheddar Grits ... Which was fabulous. Along with the delightful little lemon creme tarts for dessert ... Awesomeness.

This one is kinda of two-in-one ... First of all, I'm loving that my two year old has had so many mudholes to jump in the last week, just lovely. That boy does love a puddle. It doesn't matter if we're heading into church, into school, crossing a parking lot- the child will eagle-eye the puddle, shoot me a sneaky grin and dart for it. He'll of course follow up his escapade with, "Oh, sorry Momma. I nin't mean to. " And then his shoes are filthy. Today at my parents he even took his off after soaking them, and found Avery's to give them a turn ...

This brings me to my second "love" which is the real one. This is the feature on my oh-so-fabulous dryer that I just discovered and am IN love with. It's called ... Drumroll please ... The dryer rack. It's for sweaters or shoes or delicates that you don't want to tumble around, so they lie stationary on the rack and it will still dry or steam for you. This is beautiful because I wash his shoes almost daily. He has two pairs of crocs, rain boots, water shoes etc ... yet he chooses to wear his light colored, canvas, "nice" shoes for all his puddle-jumping. Of course he does.

I'm still loving my applique projects ...

I'm also loving these super yummy, way easy, kinda spritzed up "hamburger helperish" meals from Macaroni Grill that come pre-packaged ... You just buy your own chicken. They are way easy and by adding fresh tomatoes or artichoke hearts or something you can pretty much fake making a super yummy pasta meal from scratch. ;)

I always thought "cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater" when I first saw them ... But now I have three kids and I relish all cheating tips. Please email me any more suggestions. ;)

Another thing I am just loving with my whole heart is that today Sawyer went to the doctor for his 6 Month (yeah, he's 8 months old) Check Up and we got to go to the "well floor." No riding up the sick kid elevator, or sitting in the sick kid room adding to our mile long list of illnesses. No, not us. We got to go sit in the cough-free, fever-less waiting room on the "well floor" and be asked questions like "what food is Sawyer is eating? Is he sitting up? Crawling?" I loved taking Sawyer today and getting good reports. At 19 lbs 14 oz; 29 1/4 inches long; and 18cm head circumference he's just doing wonderfully. They told us he can start having proteins and that it is way time for him to be out of his infant seat ... like three inches ago. They probably would have told me that if I had taken him on time to his 6 month check-up ... you live and you learn. :)

Happy Wednesday!

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Kit said...

Looks like you have some awesome things you are loving right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute it!

xoxo-Hannah @ A Lovely Mess

The Ranch Mom said...

You should have another one! I agree that a little break was exactly what I needed. I love the idea of the "I LOVE" post..isn't it amazing how many blessing we truly have. I might steal that idea!

a' la mode said...

sweetest babies ever. love! xoxo shelli

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