Saturday, May 21, 2011

Avery's 4th Birthday

Dear Avery,

Four years ago today I woke up at 5:30am after a night of tossing and turning in anticipation to meeting my first baby the next day. I got up, took a shower and fixed my hair. I even put on make-up because I knew I'd be taking a lot of pictures. I was just as nauseated that day as I had been the rest of the pregnancy ... but, I didn't care. Because THIS was the day I got to meet you. I had been planning and waiting and DREAMING of meeting you for months. I rearranged all your little shoes in your drawers everyday (even though I don't think you wore a single pair of those infant shoes). I washed and rewashed and ironed and reironed all your little dresses. Even onesies. I had had your hospital bag packed for months. I had sat in your room, rocking in your chair planning out every detail of your childhood. Exactly what you would look like, what sweet things you would say and do, even little outfits you would probably wear. But, NOTHING could have prepared me for how special you are today.

Avery, you are delightful from head to toe. You are darling and personable to everyone you meet. You love girly things as much as I do (I love that God answers selfish, silly prayer requests sometimes). You make my life better every day. I always thought I would have all girls, and we got a couple smelly boys. It's a good thing they're cute, because they are already so different from us!

I know we'll be best friends one day. I can sit and listen to your silliness for hours. You're already trying to be such a lady, and doing such a good job!!

I love you little princess, forever and ever.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of you this year. It's been a GREAT year!! You've gotten a new baby brother, you've learned a gazillion new words, you've started going to "school" twice a week, you have grown up SO much, and you have become such a leader!

Right now you weigh 37 pounds, you wear size 4-5 clothes, and you love the color pink. You like Max and Ruby, ALL Disney Princess movies, and all things "big girly." You are already so sassy and make me laugh SO hard. You say the funniest things. You are just the happiest kid ever. EVERYTHING is exciting to you. Almost daily you wake up and say things like, "Oh! Good Morning Mommy! Isn't today going to be the most dazzling day?!?!" Daddy even hands you pieces of mail and says, "Look what came for you, Avery!" It could be a Cable bill and you would say, "For me?!?! Oh THANKYOU?!?! Not kidding.

When we asked you what you wanted for birthday you said you wanted to pick it out. So this morning you woke up, running into the living room announcing it was your birthday and started off a great day! You had a pancake breakfast with Maw, a shopping trip with your Daddy to pick out a new outfit and some toys. Then you went to see a new movie and then to eat lunch. Afterward you got to go pick out a cake to eat after dinner. It had pink sprinkles of course. Pop Pop, Dede, and Aunt Tamra came over to bring you happies and sing Happy Birthday. After dinner you watched about 3 seconds of a movie before crashing on the couch at 7pm ... you were exhausted ... it was a good birthday.
Here's the day in pictures ...

You are SO loved, baby girl!! Especially by me!!


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