Friday, April 22, 2011


This week Avery yelled out in Target to the mom with a 3week old-ish baby in her arms, "Look mama she has a big baby in her belly." No ... No she didn't. She was holding the baby. No baby in the belly.

Minutes later we were walking through the store and Dalton screamed, "I tooted!" I ignored him to which he turned up the volume several decimals and screamed, "Hey momma, I tooted! A big one!"
I can barely say the word toot. I grew up with all girly girls. We didn't talk about any such thing and to this day I would tell you that I don't do anything like that. Much less have my child scream out about it in public.
Ahhh ... They keep me humble.

Me: Look, Avery here's some cute new red shoes! What do you think?
Avery: They're good, but pink is better. You know that Momma!

This week one of my dining chairs had broken and I was picking it up from the repair shop. As they were loading it in the back Dalton started talking to the nice warehouse manager like they were ole' pals ... "Hi, my name's Dalton. I'm six (no, he's not) This is Vee-Vee, she's two. I hunted eggs at school. I like balls. I gotttaaaa sticker!! It's a sun. " That sweet man listened and nodded and laughed like he was totally interested, too. I just love when people are nice to my kiddos and act like they're little people who they find totally delightful. Made my day.

Avery and Dalton think we went to DisneyWorld since we took them toDisney on Ice. They keep asking if we can go back to Disney World and Avery wonders why we didn't ride an airplane. One of my favorite things about the show was D screaming at the top of his lungs OH MY GOSH!!!! At everything. No really, everything. I'm pretty sure he loved it almost as much as Avery.

Today I came in and Avery had an old book from the bookshelf and had her magnetic dress up doll in her lap under blankets reading to it. She would say, "and this is when your daddy and I got married; and this is when you were a baby ... You were the sweetest baby. And this is when we went to the zoo, etc"

Earlier this week A started dancing through the house saying, "and 123, 123, 123." Finally she kinda shrugged her shoulders and said, "It's no fun to dance without and handsome prince." Dalton looked at her and said, "I'm a prince, I will." They've been waltzing ever since. In between wrestling matches, of course.

Happy Good Friday!

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