Friday, April 1, 2011

On My Heart ...

Without organized bible studies I can sometimes hit a ... "lull" in quiet times. There are seasons where I can. not. read my bible enough, and seasons where it's something I feel like I need to do, but not something I just can't live without. Of course, then once I get back in my routine and start reading and listening to the Holy Spirit, I realize I really couldn't live without it all along and my life would have been a lot more manageable with Him in it. However, I'm that girl that chooses to learn stuff the hard way EVERY time. Every. Single. Time. Downfall # 548,845,217 for those that are keeping count.

Anyway, as I continue in my Overwhelmed state, I remembered that this semester at Moms 'n More we've been studying Jennie Allen's new bible study "Stuck," Which was kinda-sorta fabulous. Especially the Overwhelmed portion. I just leave it open and read it and try to internalize it as much as possible.

Something else I started today which a think is a fantabulous idea, and something I heard from a teacher named, Phyllis Stanley, was that in summer months she starts on April 1 (guess what today is?!?!) and goes through September reading one chapter in the Psalms a day. Every day she pencils in her bible one thing she learned God is through that Psalm. So that after you get through the entire book (which will take around 5 months) you can type up a whole list of who He is. Who you learned He was through the Psalms. I think this is wonderful. I may not have time to sit down and do a whole Beth Moore bible study right now, but I can read a Psalm a day. Heck, I might throw in a Proverb, too. ;)

Today was Psalm 1 and it's one of my favorite's. Psalm 1:3 was Dalton's life verse at his baby dedication and I frequently pray the whole chapter over Aaron and the boys.

There's a song on the radio right now, and if you're a KLove listener you know their playlist involves like 9 songs they play over and over, so I know you've heard it. I don't know the name of it off the type of my head, but I think it's by Casting Crowns, and there is a line in there that says, "to know you is to want to know you more." I love that. And I'm convicted by that. A lot.

One thing I remember about that Phyllis Stanley lady, who was just lovely in every way, was that seriously every story out of her mouth started with, "while I was reading my bible; as I was reading my bible; today while I was reading my bible." I just love how much she relished God's word, and how much time she so obviously spent there being filled up with Him.

The English major in me is having major issues with wanting to have some big ending for this post. Like a serious note to leave it on ... and I can't. Which is why I keep rambling. Maybe it's good thing ... maybe it's God reminding me that I'm not supposed to just throw this on my blog and feel all Christian-y today ... but to live out what He's putting on my heart ... So ... The End. For today.


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