Saturday, April 16, 2011


I am so frustrated because I wrote these out last night on my phone and right as I hit "Publish Post" my phone died, deleting my whole post ... Arg.

This will be kinda short and sweet because I'm sleepy and just emotionally exhausted from crying at the Beth Moore event all weekend. That deserves it's own post, so I'll save it for later.
But here are some Friday Funnies ... They're mainly Avery this week.

Here we go:
Me: Avery, what are you doing?
A: Picking flowers for my wedding.
Me: Ohhh, well who are you marrying?
A: Someone really handsome. With straight hair like me.

This one isnt that funny, but needed to be documented ...
My kids have very a polarized relationship. Sometimes they just love each other to death, and others they're at war. They fight and compete daily about the silliest things. Like, sitting in the 3rd row in Avery's carseat. They fight over who gets to every. single. day. Anyway, the other day we were headed to MDO and D got in first so he darted to the flowery pink carseat screaming, "I'm getting in the back!!!!!!!l" Avery squealed, picked up Dalton's fav toy off of my littered flooreboard and yelled back, "Fine! I'm holding Manny!!" I threw Avery an annoyed look and asked, "Avery, why would you say that to him." She replied, "To make his feewlings (feelings) hurt."
Ummmm ... She gets it. Wow.

This one may need an introduction- remember a couple weeks ago when I showed this picture of A and her sign that said "No boys allowed, especially Dalton!"

Well, after a particularly hard day this week I finally escaped to my room to lay down and just rest for a sec. Avery followed me in my room and I said, "Avery, hold up. I need a few minutes by myself- no kids allowed."
She nodded knowingly and asked, "Do you need me to make a sign for your door?"
I'm still laughing about it.

A couple days ago we had just picked up Avery who had spent the night with my mom and she was climbing in the car. She kept trying to hug and kiss Dalton and finally he let out a big sigh, "Avery, I don't need your kisses right now. I just need you to get buckled."

I'm also laughing at how they call McDonald's "Old MacDonald's."

Here's a couple pics of Sawyer since he isn't doing anything silly yet. But he is scooching ALL over the house, eating ritz crackers, drinking juice out of a sippy cup, and I swear he waves bye bye! I l.o.v.e that baby!!!

Okay, more soon!
Happy Saturday!

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