Sunday, April 17, 2011


I am totally a morning person. I love waking up to sunshine (or these days waiting on the sunshine at 5:30) making my coffee, reading my bible, doodling notes, and just getting ready for the day. I love waiting on each little one to wake up and getting to love on their sleepy head. They just seem sweeter in the mornings. I'm even sweeter in the morning. I pretty much need a sign on my forehead that says "visiting hours are over at 10pm." I'm just kinda done with people by then. No offense, people. :)

I just love watching them roll around the living room being silly, watching Little Bear and drinking juice in their jammies.
I snapped this picture and it seriously makes me cry! I'm very visual, I really think I have a photographic memory. Thats how I would study for tests in high school (notice I didn't say college, because I didn't do much studying in college).
I would work on just taking mental photos of my notes and pages in textbooks. When the test came around I would literally search my brain for the place in my notes for the answer. I also can pretty much tell you what myself and anyone I was with was wearing at any given event, holiday, playdate over the last 10 years ... Weird. Weird.
But, when I think of my kiddos, this is the mental snapshot that comes to mind. Not wearing smocked lovelies and Sunday best ... But, them rolling around my living room watching cartoons and having bedhead. I think when they're older, this is one of the things I'll miss the most ...

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