Wednesday, April 6, 2011


So, I had to nix making my own baby food. I thought I didn't have time, so I've been giving him just Gerber baby good ... The organic kind- so that gives me like a B+ right?!?
Well, the child has hatedddd every thing I've given him. Like could not get him to eat a veggie. Until last night. I gave him some mashed potatoes.

Of course he does. It's like the one vegetable with 0 nutritional value. He ate it again tonight. Loved it again. I think tomorrow I'll try iceberg lettuce.

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Morgan said...

Is it funny that the add for the baby bullet was at the bottom of your post? Or did you put it there? I saw the commercial for it the other day, and it looked SO easy. I just don't think I would use it. I think if I was standing in front of a baby bullet and a jar of sweet potatoes, I would crack open that jar! Oh well, I think Madeley and Sawyer will live.

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