Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I am trying to blog every day. Even if it's just a pic. I love to go back and remember different happenings from days, weeks, months, and years ago.
I don't have anything to say today. I'm just mad. And sad. Upset.

Dalton woke up with chicken pox.

Here he is coloring in my bed this am. They are slowly covering more of his body. He's itchy and not feeling well. I forgot the illness comes with a little mini flu... Nausea, fever, body ache.

I was touched at the sweetness of the Lord when I read my Psalm chapter this morning ... These verses mean so much to me today. I am resting in Him. He is my Refuge. He hears my cries and calls us to come to Him for all kinds of healing.

He sifted this season through his hands and somehow has allowed us to go through all these illnesses for whatever reason. I'm so thankful for his faithfulness in hard times.

Praying and waiting EXPECTANTLY for healing!!!!!

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