Friday, April 1, 2011

Unforgettable Fridays

Bonus ... It's another post from me. Honestly, I thought it was Thursday until my friend Morgan asked me if I'd done my "unforgettables" yet ... Thanks Morgan. :)

So here ya go!

Earlier this week we were driving to my parents for a play day. Mom was going to help me with the bambinos. As we were driving there Avery started puking everywhere. Lovely. All over herself, all over her carseat, my car etc. We were right by Aaron's office so I wheeled in to change her clothes and clean her up as much as possible. Mrs. Paula brought her out a sprite and she started to feel better. However her carseat was soaked, the child was covered in Shingles, and her medicine was making her nauseated. I just could not make her get back there. So, I reluctantly and illegally let her ride in the front seat. I turned off the airbags, prayed for a super-safe 7 miles in my suburban, and buckled her in and took backroads the rest of the way. She pretty much thought this was the coolest thing ever. (I was seriously losing my mind at this point of the sickness week ... I don't condone kids riding out of carseats. There's my disclaimer MO.)

Last weekend Dalton and I were having a "day." He was just succeeding in frazzeling my every last nerve. Finally after a "discussion" about watching a 4th episode of Super Why, he folded his arms and said, "I'm gonna lose it."

Earlier this week Avery and I were sitting on the couch talking about life and we heard Sawyer start fussing in his crib. Avery looked at me and said, "crap." (That's really not funny, it's b.a.d. And obviously my fault since I've never heard them say that on Max and Ruby. But, it still made me laugh. And she hasn't said it since.)

Dalton is still confused on different words, phrases etc. He thinks "I miss you," means "I love you." So all throughout the day he comes and gives me hugs and says, "I miss you." I just love (miss) him.

This week the newest Disney movie came out, Tangled. Avery went to see it in the theater with her cousins and Aunts a few months ago and a lot of her Christmas happies had to do with the movie. Tuesday Aaron's mom brought it over and I'm pretty sure we've watched it around 11 times since. Throughout the movie Rapunzel is carrying around an iron skillet. So Avery doesn't watch it without hers, Except her skillet is

This week Sawyer has started schooching! He just scooches everywhere! Every once in a while he gets up on all 4's and kinda moves a little. But most of the time he's rolling and inching like a worm to get places! It's shocking when I have left him in the living room floor on his quilt and I look up and he's in the kitchen floor!

Dalton is always in to something. I can't ever let it stay quiet very long without checking on him. And whenever he has been ... michievous his defense is always the same, "I nin't mean toooo." Mmmm-Hmm. Sure ya didn't.

Dalton and Avery know we're going to the beach this summer and they seriously talk about it all the time. They think every time we're getting ready to go somewhere we're going to the beach. June can't get here fast enough!

This week I was walking Sawyer around the house trying to get him to go to sleep and Aaron walked in the room, Sawyer sat up- literally almost JUMPED out of my arms to get to Aaron. I was a little hurt. And amazed. He loveeesss laying on Aaron's belly and just looking at him. He is so stinkin' cute I can't stand it. When he's in his exersaucer bouncing around so I can get stuff done, I find myself just staring at him, cooing, and making baby noises. I'm obsessed. I seriously think he's the cutest things I've ever seen. And now I'm rambling. Where was I?

This morning I heard Dalton and Avery wresting around over something or another and then Avery finally said, "Dalton you're tewwible." It wasn't very nice. But again ... it made me laugh. And then we talked about that how it wasn't very nice.

I love that Avery and Dalton say things in somewhat complete sentences and rarely use conjunctions. "Momma, it is raining outide; No Momma, that is not very nice; Dalton, it is not your turn." Does that make sense in print? I just feel like they always sound so proper-ish. With a stronngggg southern drawl, of course.

Last but not least, Avery was trying to hold a "dance class" in her room yesterday. She was practicing all her little moves and Dalton kept trying to steal the spotlight. She grew weary of this and thought it was time to take it into her own hands. I found her taping this to her door (She told me later she had looked for a hammer and nail and couldn't find one ... PTL).

She told me this said: "No boys allowed: This means Dalton."
And to be fair, about 20 minutes later she made another sign for Dalton's room that said: "Avery cannot come in here."


the osbornes said...

hahahahahaha, your disclaimer!!! Tooo funny. Can I consider a shout-out? Forget the front-seat riding, I'm loving the sign in the background--did you need to drive through the liquor store after that incident?? :) I kid, I kid!!

the osbornes said...

"consider IT a shout-out"

Boonies in the Boonies said...

Yes, consider it a shout-out. And, def didn't notice that in that in the background. I swear that's sprite she's drinking.

Sydney said...

LOL! I was cracking up at the background of that picture too. Makes it's oh so much better!! LoVE your stories!!!!!

Morgan said...

Love both posts! It is hard to find time to read our Bibles. I try to wake up early, but of course that doesn't always happen. I am amazed by people with self discipline.
The unforgettable moments were classic. One day you'll be able to look back and laugh about each one. Love you.

Magen Friedmann said...

This post just made my day!!!! I just love your sweet family!!!

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