Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Lucky Number 8.

Or 34 weeks ... is Sawyer getting too old for weeks? What??

Goooooood Morning Sawyer!! He even looks different this morning ... that's what getting another month under your belt does to you when you're 8 months old.

Sawyer McKinnon Boone has had a BIG month. He has truly livened up this month and has hit all kinds of milestones. He's a lot more "big-babyish." And we have all just fallen MORE in love with him ... how is this possible?!?! How can you love all these little people more each day?? My cup overflows ...

Our little Saw-Dog has been all over the place this month ... literally! Here's some highlights ...

-Sawyer is weighing in around 18 pounds this month, and stays around the 50% marker. He is about 29 inches long though, placing him in almost the 95 percentile for length ... looks like he'll be long and lean! :)

- This month Sawyer has been ON THE MOVE!! He just scooches everywhere! He gets up on all fours and just rocks and rocks, but really isn't "crawling," it's more the little army man scooch ... and he is super fast. He hasn't mastered the art of reverse, so he can get himself into some predicaments ...

- He goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up around 6:30 or 7. He takes a morning nap a couple hours after he wakes up (usually 8:30 or 9- 10:30-11).

- He has been LOVING food this month! Yay! He has lost a lot of interest in his bottles, but still has four 6-7 oz bottles. But, then again sometimes he just pushes it away completely. He is loving all his fruits and veggies this month, which he eats 3 times a day. He HATED the pureed veggies, so just mashing up whatever we're having that night works the best (Dalton was the same way!). He loves mashed sweet potatoes, squash, mashed potatoes, green beans, and AVOCADO the best! However, there is a STRONG difference in how quickly he laps up his fruit and yogurt ... definitely his fav.

- He also loves sitting in his high chair and chewing on his little fruit "puffs" and Ritz crackers. I love, love this too, because I can cook dinner, work on my Swap Shoppe stuff, or whatever and he's totally happy and content ... and safe! He is so fast I'm constantly looking up and he's gone!

-He's wearing 9M-12M clothes and size 3 diapers.

- This month Sawyer has FINALLY started sitting up! He is still kinda wobbly about it, but he can usually get himself up into a sitting position. He's better if I plop him down and spread his little feet out. But, we're still working on perfecting it! :)

- He also had his first two teeth come in this month ... it was quite the ordeal. Or maybe the ordeal was another ear infection that accompanied the teeth. Or maybe the chicken pox. It's hard to keep up. You can see his little toofies in this picture ... Which is one of my all-time favs. I love his little humidity curly head and I'm pretty sure he's the most precious thing I've ever seen.

- He is such a content baby and will really lay on the floor with his toys for a long time- especially if Avery or Dalton are laying down with him. I am constantly throwing away any of Avery and Dalton's little bitty toys though, he just puts every single thing in his mouth!

- But, THIS morning I came in and he was standing up in his crib. I think I could have screamed, I don't remember, but I was in complete shock. I knew it was coming, but still! He just looked so big! And the crib was still up high and I know he could have just tumbled right out of there!

-He just LOVES Avery and Dalton and laughs and giggles anytime they start to play with him. I love seeing him recognize familiar faces now and get so excited when he sees our families. Love that sweet boy!

- Overall, he is so happy, so content, and just darling. This morning Aaron's mom said she told his sister, Ash that all of our babies have been sweet, but he's just the sweetest. ;) (We may or may not always say that, but still.) We love, love, love our Sawyer.


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