Monday, April 4, 2011


My mother-in-law always sends me a "Monday Blessing" ... I loved today's. I thought it was kinda sorta perfect.

"God, Bless our life stages,
for they read like growth rings on a mighty tree:
Our beginnings and firsts
with their excitement, newness and anxiety;
Our middles,
full of diligence and commitment, and sometimes boredom,
but also risk and opportunity;
Our "nexts,"
the harvests and reapings,
the slowing down and freedom.
In Your hands this time can be rich and full
like an overflowing cup,
not an empty or an ending stage at all.
You are the Alpha and Omega,
the parenthesis between which we live,
move and have our being.
Bless our comings and goings."

Happy Monday ... it's looking like Pajama Day weather here in the Boonies!


Morgan said...

I am starting to think every day is a pj day at the rush house!

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