Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Ahhh ... breaking back into our normal routine again and it feels good! Aaron went back to work today and I'm doing some house work and jammin' out to the Kari Jobe station on Pandora. Love ;)

So, what am I loving this Wednesday? I'm so glad you asked, let me tell you ...

This is my crock-pot. I love it. No, really. Last night I made this yumminess off Tasty Kitchen's website (another love).
There were several of Aaron's friends at our house last night watching a baseball game and all the MEN were asking for this recipe- it was super yummy! And ALL I did was cook chicken tenderloins in a bottle of Italian dressing on low for 4 hours. Then I stirred in a packet of McCormick's chicken taco seasoning in and let it cook for 20 more minutes. Then I just shredded up the chicken to load on to tostadas with all our fav taco fixin's. Super yummy and the crock-pot did all the work. PLUS, huge bonus is how yummy your kitchen smells all afternoon! Mmmmm!!

Earbuds: This isn't my iphone, I can't take a pic of mine bc I would need to use it to take the pic and I'm too lazy to go get out my camera and take a real picture of my phone ... so thanks Google. Anyway, my BFF, Caroline, reminded me that the earbuds that came with my iPhone (not the ones in the pic) double as a handsfree device ... Ummmm. My life is FOREVER changed. LOVE isn't a strong enough word. Thanks Cabs!

This week my kiddos are going to VBS at my in-laws church. It's at night and they live about 45 minutes away. So every night they spend the night with my in-laws and then my mother-in-law brings them home mid-morning while she goes into work for a few hours and then picks them BACK up in the afternoon after naps for the night. Are you following me here?!?! This is fantastic!!! And the kiddos love it!

Dalton is saying "Shake it Up!" the theme to their VBS this year.

Last but not least is this watch ...

SB left it over here the other night and I put it on yesterday and I've decided I really like it. I think I like this Michael Kors one better, though. Betsey Johnson is a little weird for me, ha! I don't think I'm cool enough for Betsey!
Hint Hint, Aaron! ;)

Ok, I think some laundry is calling! Hope everyone has a loverly Wednesday!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Always Something ...

A few weeks ago Aaron had planned to be out of town this weekend. Lynda offered to keep Sawyer and I took the opportunity to take Avery and Dalton to the lake with my family. Between weddings, our trip the beach and just general busyness, it was our first trip this year and we were all three so excited!
Mom picked us up and we left Friday afternoon for Lake Ouachita. We went to Shangri La to eat catfish per my request, swam and then went to bed early. I woke up early after a whole night of uninterrupted, glorious sleep and sat out on the deck looking at the lake.

It's just my favorite place to be- How beautiful is Arkansas?!?!? We spent the day swimming in the pool and playing in the lake and then swimming in the pool again after dinner. A and D are such water babies!
(P.S. There are a couple naked swimming pics of Dalton here, I feel the need to say they were all taken in about a 3 minute span before we made him put his swimsuit on there ... Just so ya know! Ha!)

We're trying to explain to Dalton he can't strip down all the time ... we're working on it.


Waking up with Bubby.

Hanging out with some of my Wednesday Loves from this week! :)

Avery loves her Pop Pop!

After a full day on the lake, cooking up a yummy dinner, and almost having a heart attack watching the movie Taken I saw my phone ringing and it was Aaron. He could barely form a sentence, finally getting out, "I'm in the ER... I'm fine... Here's Lauren." Aaron had been umpiring all afternoon and helping with a baseball tournament that morning. He ended up calling behind the plate the last two games (meaning he had to wear a bunch of additional gear), and knew he was getting overheated, but thought he could tough it out. As soon as he got off the field he started getting sick. He went home, took a cold shower and laid on the couch- still didn't feel wellcontinuing to throw up. He called his friend Cody, an EMT and firefighter who lives across the street to come over and see if he should go see someone. Cody was gone, but sent his girlfriend, Lauren over who is an RN. By this time Aaron's hands and feet were cramped up and contorted, he couldn't stop sweating and his face was super pale. Lauren walked in and said the first thing she said was, "Can you get to my car? If not, we need to call 911." She said she knew he needed to go to the ER immediately. Cody met them there, they immediately hooked Aaron up to fluids and started running tests.

I left the lake around 11pm, got to the ER after midnight, and found them still in a trauma room in the ER. Expecting to get a couple bags of fluid and leave, we were surprised that they kept him until Monday afternoon. I think the final diagnosis was acute renal insufficiency, extreme heat exhaustion and severe dehydration. The doctors were really concerned and said it was right on the verge of a heat stroke as his kidneys were shutting down as well as his muscles. He was just saying the nurse told him they had given him over 1000 mL of fluid in 48 hours. The Doctors made sure we knew how serious it was and how important it was to take precautions from now on.
Dr.B said just to function on a normal day every person should be drinking half their body weight in ounces- so if you weigh 100lbs, you should drink 50oz of water a day. Limit yourself to one caffinated beverage a day. If you know you'll be in the heat the next day, double up on your water intake the day before. DURING your game, time outside or whatever you need to drink Gatorade/Powerade/Propel. Water is just flushing everything out and depleting your fluids- you need the electroltyes. He said if you're drinking during the day it's probably too late! Good reminders!!

He's finally home, resting up and drinking LOTS of fluids! SO thankful he's ok!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Perfect 10

Sawyer turned 10 months old this week! We are so blessed each and every day by his precious self and the Boone house wouldn't be complete without him! Something about 10 months is hitting me hard (do I say that every month? Don't answer that.) It's getting wayyyy too close to a year old! And he is still SUCH a baby- he cannot be 10 months old!! I will not cry, I will NOT cry ...

Here's what life has been like with Sawyer this month:

-We went to the doctor yesterday because he had cried all night, but he was fine and dandy. He weighed 22.5 pounds. Still right in the middle for weight!

- He DID however have two new teeth coming in on the bottom! Goodness gracious! That will make 4 on the bottom to go with 4 on the top. And Sawyer is not scared to use them! We're all bruised up from his biting- stinker! Dalton just doesn't understand why Sawyer doesn't get in trouble for biting! ;)

- He is in 12 month clothes and size 3/4 diapers.

- He still goes to sleep between 8-8:30 every night. He wakes up around 7-7:30 most mornings. Sometimes he sleeps until 8!

- He takes a morning 2 hour nap, and an afternoon nap for about 2 hours.

- He drinks three 7oz bottles a day and is eating a mix of baby food and table food.

- He still is rockin' out his army crawl- and we die laughing about how fast he is! When we are outside or on carpet he will crawl up on all fours- but at our house on the hardwoods he just won't do it! I selfishly am dying for him to walk because he is always filthy from dragging his body all on the ground- not to mention all the damage he's doing to his cute monograms and appliques! ;)

- He cruises all around the couch, tables and anything else he can hold on to.

- LOVES music and loves to dance! As soon as a song comes on he starts squealing and dancing- it's way cute! I spend way too much time dancing around the house with him!

- He has the highest pitched scream/squeal I've ever heard. He just squeals all. the. time. He also says "dada!" I work day and night to get a "mama." No luck yet!

- Shakes his little head for "no!" And imitates other things. We're working on some baby sign language- maybe he'll know some by next month!

- Really loves patty-cake and peek-a-boo. Whenever he sees Aaron he can't quit clapping because of all the "patty-caking" they do!

- He is so content! Just the happiest thing!

Sawyer with his very favorite toy. :)

Dear Sawyer,
EVERY day you make me smile and remind me of God's grace and love for us, too. You are one of my MOST precious treasures and I'll love you with my whole heart forever and always!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 years. (+ one week)

Bubba's Belated Birthday!

Dalton's birthday was a week ago ... June 16. But, he's still 3, so we can talk about it now! ;)

Dalton is my crazy child. I have said on several occasions that I totally don't deserve Avery, she's just way too sweet, thoughtful, always delightful, always polite etc ... But, that Dalton, well I totally deserve him. ;) He is still as much of a mess as ever. Yesterday I found him on the top shelf of my closet (which is taller than I am) ... Just sitting up there with his hands on his hips. Naked. He is fearless. LHM.

However, there has never been a bigger Momma's boy! He still melts my heart every day. He can be the sweetest boy that has ever lived! His blonde hair and long eyelashes don't hurt either. Here he is swinging with his daddy waking up to be a big 3 year old.

Couldn't you just eat him?

Since Dalton and Avery had already had their party we just planned to let D pick some of his fav things to do. After waking up on his birthday, he announced he was "tree yeers ode" and wanted to get donuts. So, we did. He also requested "Mac 'N Cheese" which after a while I finally figured out meant Chuck E. Cheese. We played and played. He rode the horsey game at least 5 times, ate lots of pizza and birthday cake and even danced with Chuck E. However, with all the "fun" I didn't snap one picture! But, Dalton loved it! Afterward, we went to Dede's house for naps and to Target to pick out some happies for Easton's bday party. I did take a picture with my phone of that ...

I think I was still on overload from all the pics I took at the beach!

I have to put what Aaron put on Facebook on D's birthday, I just thought it was the sweetest thing and I don't want to forget!
Aaron posted the picture below with the caption beneath.

"Happy 3rd Birthday to Dalton "Bubba" Boone ... Such a blessing! All the reasons that men want at least one son! Love ya bud!"

Love that Aaron Boone. :) And he loves you, D.

Dalton weighs 36 pounds, wears 3T clothes, size 10 shoes, and is all boy. He is by far the biggest boy in his class at MDO, but one of the youngest!
His favorite foods are chicken tenders with honey mustard, Mac 'n cheese, and ribs- ha! ;) But, he will eat just about anything! (And then say "mmm-mmm, my Fay-Wit!!")
He is a great sleeper, most nights he's asking to go to bed! He usually sleeps around 8:30-8:30. And he still takes great naps in the afternoon for several hours.
He loves going to school and very friendly and playful. His teachers love him!
He still just loves animals! Any and ALL animals ... He is rarely without one. But, here is his new favorite ...

Meet Goose! This is D's b-day present! Goose is a 4 year old black lab; he's very much an outside/hunting dog but if Aaron is gone and I get skeered, he's allowed to come in. I finally agreed to a dog as long as it lives outside and was far from the puppy stage. ;). So ... Here is Goose. To say D has a new BFF
is an understatement. He tells EVERYONE about Goose! Lovesss him!!
Dalton is also VERY protective! He is quick to stand up for his mommy, sissy, or Baby Sawyer.

Dalton Davis Boone,
You are SUCH a light to our family! You make every day more fun and I am just head over heels in love with you. You are the best helper, sweetest snuggler, sneakiest hide-and-seeker and your love of life is precious. I'm SO blessed to be your mommy!

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