Sunday, June 14, 2009

Back By Popular Demand :)

Summer 2009 has been one of my favorite summers ever already! It has been one fun day after the next and we are LOVING the warm weather. However, with all this warm weather and calendar full of fun "to-do's," blogging has moved further and further down the "to do" list ... oops! Thanks to a couple nudges from sweet friends like Anne Chami (woo woo- shout out!) haha, I am updating this. I guess my high hopes for a nightly dinner menu and daily prayer journal are going to have to pause for the next few months ...

I can't even decide what has been my favorite thing of the summer yet ... but here are some that are in the running ....

*Tie-Dye clothing- totally forgot how much I liked this stuff!

*Weekly Playgroup Playdates- Love them oh-so-much!

*My Aunt Tam and fam living here ... I still have to pinch myself that it's true!

*Arbonne- I am having SO much fun with my new Arbonne business, I truly love it!

*Avery talking and Dalton walking ... I want to laugh and cry all at the same time!

*The lake ... we took our first trip this weekend and I can't WAIT to go back!! Here are some pics of our fun-filled weekend!

Sweet Sisters

Avery driving the boat ... that's all she said the whole time "boat, boat, boat!!"

Avery floating with Sarah Baker and Aunt Tamra

She's just the sweetest thing!

Another "sister" shot ...

Although this weekend was fan-tabulous, it did not go without hiccups! Friday I was going to bring dinner one our friend's who just had a new baby. I had been busy all day, hadn't turned on the TV or anything and had no clue that a storm was about to pass thru. It wasn't until I was half way to Wal-Mart and watching the sky turn black that I tuned into the radio news to find out what was going on. Well .... just a storm with hurricane winds, hail, rain and here I was diddly daddly'in to Wal-Mart with my kids. I would pick the one 30 minute period where a death-con-5 emergency would fly through town. Seriously I thought my SUV was going to go off the road and the rain was coming down so hard my windshield wipers could barely lift the water over the glass. I was a wee bit scared. By the time I got down our road I realized that the bridge before our house was going to be underwater and I wasn't going to be able to get over it. So I had to turn around and go BACK around Bryant the other way just in time for the storm to fly by and to pull into the driveway to our powerless house. UGH! The kids and I went to walk around Target to see if we could wait out the loss of electricity. ABout an hour of walking through the half lit hot spot, we ventured home PRAYING the power would be back on. It wasn't. I had to reschedule bring dinner to our friends and then pack us up for the lake in the dark with no TV or any kind of distractions for the kids. Nightmare. However, I got it done and Aaron got home just in time to throw the kids in the car and head to his parents house. We stayed there Fri night and got up Sat morning to head to Lake Ouachita, leaving Dalton with Aaron's parents.

My Aunt Tamra and Uncle Glen were bringing their 5 boys down there for the day too and it was going to be quite the weekend. HOWEVER, we had a couple mishaps. We ended up having problems with BOTH of our boats! It was another nightmare!! I'm sure in a couple months we'll laugh about it, but it was a big disappointment. I felt super bad for my Dad! We ended up using one of our friend's barges who weren't there this weekend. We have never had a weekend like that in the 15 years we've been going to the lake, so Dad said we were due one. Both, Aaron and Dad stayed back waiting on the boat guy to come see about the ski boat so they never even came out on the water! (Hence the fact that Aaron isn't in any lake pics.)
But, we'll be back a bunch and we did have a fun couple days anyway. I was hoping to get to go out today, I definitely didn't want to leave this morning. Guess we'll just have to go back next weekend! :)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

No News is Good News.

So, without a camera, my blog light has just completely turned off. I totally forget about it. Pictures make me justify blogging .. without them it's just me rambling, which really isn't that interesting. My mother-in-law has lovingly loaned me hers ... Thanks Maw!
Today Lynda and I went to one of their cousins bridal shower at "Mike's Place," in Conway. When I got the original invitation it was just sitting on the kitchen counter because Aaron had opened it for me. It said it was a "family shower luncheon," which I just assumed "Mike" was a family member, and that the whole family was invited. I replied to the hostess that Aaron, Avery, and I would all be in attendance .... :) Well, Aaron forgot to tell me that the invitation was just addressed to Avery and me and that "Mike's Place" was a restaurant. We all got a pretty big kick out of Aunt Lib calling Lynda to tell her that Aaron was more than welcome, but he might feel a little out of place at a ladies luncheon. (haha)
Avery is just talking up a storm lately. She's jabbers away all day. Sometimes I understand her, sometimes I don't. But, she is working so hard at it!!! And Dalton Boone has taken off with his walking!! It is THE sweetest thing! He also patty cakes, waves bye bye, and begins fake coughing if he feels like he is not getting enough attention- he's such a ham. He is very attached to his big sister and if she's not playing with him, feels like he must be held. He's also really getting bored with his bottle.
OK, I just watched Dalton wipe his mouth on one of mom's nice couch pillows, I better go take care of my kids. THEY ARE SOOOOOOO BUSY!! I feel like I never stop moving and when I finally can lay down it takes my body an hour to calm down enough to fall asleep... such is life.

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