Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Thoughts for 10-14-2010

Helllllllooooo Blogworld.
Now that we have a family of 5, our home life has really changed! One baby is a tough adjustment to parenthood because everything is new. Two really wasn't that different for me- just added some diapers, but three has rocked my world!! It has changed me inside out. Whereas I used to LOVE to go, go, go; I am now much more content to be home taking care of my house and all its occupants. It's too hard to go anywhere and I'm too pooped to get everyone ready anyway! Even on the couple days Avery and Dalton have Mothers Day Out, I just want to be in my quiet house snuggled up with Baby Sawyer.
I can so feel God changing my heart and pointing me home, which is not the easiest thing for me. I have always been very laid back with parenting and keeping the house ... I tended to choose fun and activities over chores consistently and when it was just Avery and Dalton, we went somewhere EVERY day, even if it was just a trip to Target. We just love to go. But, about a week before Sawyer was born my mom came over and we totally simplified my house. We got rid of toys galore, rearranged a bunch of furniture and organized a LOT. Since then, I have been able to be really on top of keeping my house in order and actually ... gasp ... like it! Never did I EVER think I would like to clean house! "Who AM I" I continue to ask myself ... :)

I keep thinking about how homemakers kinda get a bad rap. I wish I had a count of how many people have asked me, "so what do you do?" and I reply, "I stay home with my babies and take care of our house." That is quickly followed up with, "Yes, but what do you DO??" Ummm ...really??
But, I'm sure it is confusing ... when I think of housewives I think of two stereotypes ... June Cleaver and "The Real Housewives ..." Neither is accurate at the Boone house. Although the 1950's housewife is cooking, cleaning, and doting on her family, her sense of "have-it-all-togetherness" is pretty intimidating. There are definitely days that my kids only get out of their pajamas at 4:00 so that their daddy might think there was some order at our house that day. I have to set an alarm at 9:30 am to remind me what I'm cooking that night just to prepare myself for the afternoon "witching hours" that I WILL feed all these people in my house, come hell or high water. And every once in a while all these hooligans I live with can get on my last frazzled nerve. But it's never something a night of sleep won't cure (I'll let you know when I get one of those ...)
And the "Real Housewives" are just something else. Definitely not what is going on over here. They seem to be a bunch of women obsessed with anti-aging techniques and seeing who can have the most reckless abandon with their debit cards.
However, I'm still not sure WHAT I signed up for. I always knew I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up. I just don't think I knew how hard it would be. I was a baby-sitting QUEEN- Constantly watching kiddos, and my little brother was born when I was 12 so I truly thought I had it down. However, there's no "off the clock" now. No turning down a baby-sitting job for a night out with friends. And to top it off now I'm the one writing the check for a sitter .. and they ain't cheap. Plus you're a different mommy to each kiddo! You have to talk to them differently, meet different needs in each one, discipline for THAT specific kiddo!! Whoa now ... whoa. Wayyyy harder than I thought. And I even have someone helping me almost every day!
But, I do feel that I am 100% where God wants me. And that is a good feeling. I've found the more time I spend at home, the more I focus on my family, the more content I am. And that's really all I want ...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Positively Positive

I've been hiding from my blog on this particular issue for a couple weeks now ... even though the official facebook announcement has been made and my mother has informed everyone in central Arkansas, the thought of a blog announcement has just exhausted me (as if EVERYTHING doesn't exhaust me right now...)
Here's the tale ... I'm sure one day this will be humorous and one of my proudest survival storiesm but right now I'm still just overwhelmed, and not gonna lie- a little skeered.

A couple weeks ago I hadn't been feeling all that well. I continually sleepy, even if I had just woken up and I just didn't feel myself. I had been nauseated, but Avery had had a stomach bug and had thrown up a couple times and had fever so I just thought we had a bug. Then two mornings in a row I had to run to the bathroom first thing. I laid back down in bed and tried to think if I was "late." Well, yes ... but I'm super irregular. (This is what they call denial.) Aaron was hunting and was coming home that morning, I called him to bring home a pregnancy test. During the time I called Aaron, and before he got home the doctor called to tell me I had missed my appointment that morning. My "appointment" was a consultation on getting the IUD or Mirena ... a semi-permanent contraceptive. Ohhhh, the irony.
So, Aaron came home brought me a test and made me take it immediately. I knew before I took it though ... but there were the familiar two pink lines.
Positively Positive.

I called the doctor back to tell him I needed to change the reason for my appointment.

Then I may or may not have cried. 3 kids is a lot. Heck, two kids is a lot- 1 is a full time job!!! I am a on-the-go person. I love to run around and have a full schedule. With three kids there is none of that. You just stay-at-home. I honestly don't know how you even get to Bible Study. I'm sure I'll figure it out.
I have ALWAYS wanted a big family. I've actually uttered the words "I want 5 kids," many times. And the truth is that Dalton will be about 2 and a half, and that there won't ever be an easy time to have another baby ... it won't ever be convienent. So this might just be fine, hey I might even like it. ;)

I am so beyond blessed and thankful to have the most wonderful family and in-laws in the whole wide world. Everyone is so supportive and I know this little baby will be so loved and so perfect that we won't ever be able to imagine what life was like without them.

Right now I am just so terribly, terribly sick. I'm just praying it's not like with Avery where I was still throwing up the day I had her. It's pretty hard taking care of two kids well, much less sick. Our house looks terrible and the kids have watched Monsters Inc about 100 times. Don't tell.

I went to the doctor and our due date is September 2, 2010. Labor Day.

Well, that's our story ... more to come.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So, I'm not really a serious blogger, not my style.
I try to remain light hearted and just keep track of
fun things (and not so fun things, that might be funny
later). But today, I'm heavy hearted. I just keep
seeing all these children in Haiti and my heart just aches
for them. Ever since I saw "Slumdog Millionaire" last
year, I all but have nightmares about all the babies
walking through trash heaps for food, sleeping in garbage,
and never hearing someone tell them they love them
or even feeling safe. Ever since then I have wanted to adopt
so, so, so badly. However, fertile mertile over here keeps
making that kind of difficult- BUT I just pray over
those little ones often. I look at my kids when I'm tucking
them in after their baths and in their clean jammies and
under their little down comforters and sometimes it's
just too much. I am overly emotional, totally aware. But,
how can you NOT be emotional about little children
who have no mommies and daddies, no home, no security
whatsoever. So many are left alone over there, so many
are probably so filled with fear they can hardly breathe.
It's really hard to understand by God can bless some
nations with such wealth, such easy living, and then
have other nations where just living through the day is hard.

I'm not sure why I decided to get all serious today,
I just know that God is good and he knows what He's
doing. But sometimes I just can't WAIT to flee this world
and be in Heaven, dancing with Jesus and knowing that
forever and ever and ever ... all will be good.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Saturday Nights

Once upon a time Saturday nights were special, they
meant a probable date night and a reason to get "gussied"
up for a fun night on the town. Now, Saturday nights
just kind of blend in with the rest of the week. I still
usually cook dinner, still do bath time, most likely still
do dishes and laundry. Tonight Avery and Aaron went to
the grocery store and a couple other places, then they came
home, I cooked steak sanwiches and fries and ... that's about
it. But strangely, I'm ok with that. I've actually
been really tired the last few days and it was a
welcomed relaxation time. Dalton may or may not be sleeping
in the same jammies he slept in last night and that he wore
all day. That's the kind of day we had. ;) and I loved it.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

And it's Thursday ... right?

Who knew 45 degrees could feel like such a heat wave?? We've been so used to the frigid 20ish and below temperatures that I almost forgot what it was like to leave the house without my kids bundled up so tightly they were almost losing circulation. Terrible. One more reason I hate winter. Summertime is just so much easier ... ahh- I heart summer.
Lately Avery has been saying the. funniest. things. ever. I mean, every day she just makes me laugh my head off. It is absolutely impossible to be in any way mad at her.
Yesterday, we were in the bank drive-thru and I was trying to fill out the dang deposit slips that are seriously going to be the death of me. And, all of the sudden I hear Avery start screaming from the back seat, "Um, I need TWO chicken nuggets, and TWO kids meals, and TWO sprites for TWO dollars! THANK YOU!" She repeated this at least 6 times ... I tried to explain that they really only had lollipops, and sometimes popcorn- didn't go over well. So, I temporarily forgot about my January resolution that I wasn't going to get fast-food, except during happy hour ... Baby steps people. So, wheeled into Burger King and got them some burger shots with cheese, which I happen to love. ;)
Dalton is becoming more and more in love with being naked. He is constantly removing his diaper and now that he has figured out how to take his pants off as well ... we're in trouble. He is so proud of himself when he finally strips all of his clothes off ... grins from ear to ear and belly laughs. He's such a mess.
I have decided that we are getting haircuts this week, however we've kind of been in and out of the little stomach bugs going around and haven't made it to LR yet. I feel like I need my mom or someone to go with me to get their hair cut, it seems like it would be just too hard to go by myself. This will be their first haircuts, I'm kind of sad about it ... but it will be fine.
Pics to come!


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happppppy New Year!!!

Guess who? That's right, it's me. I'm back ... again.
New Years Resolution # 1: start blogging more. I am still excited by rewards, so I'm telling myself that if I'm a faithful blogger for 6 months I'll treat myself to one of those super cute custom blog designs. Ha. (No, I'm not kidding, I just had a conversation with myself about this, this morning. I thought it sounded like a great plan.)
2009 was actually a great year for our family!! It was wonderful to finally kind of feel like I had a routine with the kids, I have been in some awesome bible studies, and God has blessed me with some AMAZING new girlfriends, whom I love and who have made life a lot better! I managed to not get pregnant, or give birth in 2009, which it's been a few years since I could say that, so I'm giving myself a little pat on the back for that.
Aaron started working for my brother-in-law in medical sales which has been a great fit for him. I can tell he is so much more energized and just happier to be working there and with one of his best friends, Ben.
In 2010 we're looking forward to lots of weekends at the lake, a beach trip and lots of family time. It's been almost a year of looking for land and/or houses and getting our house ready to sell. It's been kind of overwhelming and frustrating, but we know God will provide something perfect ... just not sure when that will be. I think I'm pretty nit-picky, but the thought of moving is SO overwhelming, that I'm not up for doing it again in the next 10...15...20 ... years, so I want to make sure it's a good choice. Hopefully, we'll find some land in 2010 so we can start building.
I'm still loving Arbonne and am excited to see how that grows as well this year. It has seriously been SUCH a blessing for me, and I have just loved every minute. I had no idea I would love it as much as I do ... but it's been such a wonderful outlet for me.
Avery and Dalton are just BFF. They spend ALL day playing together and loving (and yes, sometimes fighting) with each other. While the first year was hard to have two so close together and so small, this last year has been GREAT because they do entertain each other so much. Avery just talks NON-STOP and Dalton grunts a lot. It's kind of amazing to me that they will be 2 and 3 this year. That is sounding a little old. I go back and forth thinking I may or may not have baby fever. Overall, I'm just thinking that two is quite a handful right now, and that with three it would be almost impossible to go anywhere on my own. So maybe we should wait on Avery to be in some kind of half day pre-school or kindergarten before we do any "expanding." Two is actually a LOT harder than I thought it would be. It's just SUCH an adjustment. I always thought I wanted like 5 kids, but the more I think about it, 3 sounds like quite a crew. And if we do make it to 4, that will probably be more than enough! My dad has always said have one more than you think you want, haha. On the upside, if and when we do build a house, it will probably be on the same property with my in-laws, so I know my mother-in-law would be there to help a lot! She is all about some grand babies!!

Well, since everyone in my house is napping, I should probably take advantage and take one myself.

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