Wednesday, January 30, 2013


If you ever find yourself in a "moving to a new place" scenario, start praying IMMEDIATELY and fervently for friends and community. I've mentioned several times before how that was my biggest fear. I'm a big people person, I seriously LOVE having lots of people in my home and the fear of a season of loneliness was pretty heavy on my heart. However, that was FAR from what God had in store for us here. God has blessed us abundantly with a body of believers up in this little town called Sayre, PA ... like the real-deal. People that are living out their faith in big ways. Walking the walk. Trusting God with everything. It's beautiful.
I think in Arkansas I had a bunch of Christian girl friends, and Aaron had a few Christian guy friends, but we were lacking a group of Christian families to live life with together. Which I see now is vital.
One of our biggest blessings has been the Wanck fam. Jason and Dawn have lived here their whole lives, and he and Aaron were hired within a couple days of each other for their company. They have two boys: Parker (5) and Graham (3) who are perfect comrades for Dalton and Sawyer. Our whole family has meshed well and we are just blessed to know them.
Last week at church we were sitting down at the service when Dawn nudged me to show me where she'd written down several times ... all about six minutes apart. Contractions! It was baby time! Jason had stayed home that morning thinking he was getting over a virus, when Dawn called to say that Sadie Rose was on her way.We kept the boys until their grandparents could make it and at 7:03 that night Sadie made her grand debut. She is already very loved!!

Last pic as a family of four ... Headed to the hospital!

Finally meeting Sadie Rose ... the lips kill me. 

Yes, it makes me want another one. 

Avery is pretty smitten with her too.

Yep, I like her a whole lot. :)

Thankful for community. And babies. And God's perfect provision.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


They say "no news, is good news" ... Maybe they're right.We're kind of hibernating right now from the daily freezing temps and sporadic snow falls. Life is just moving idly along, and I feel like almost every night since getting home for Christmas I've gone to bed thinking "today was a good day."

I feel content. At peace. Just happy. It's a very nice feeling.

With nothing really to report, here are some snapshots of our days ... not very exciting ... but memories nonetheless.

Lots of play dates, dinners and outings with the sweet Wanck fam ...

Plenty of lazy PJ days ...

I celebrated completing a great bible study on the book of James with these ladies!
(And a few who weren't able to make our dinner.)

Fun out on the town ...

And inside the house ...

And plenty of time in the snow.

I think that about sums it up ... dreaming of warm weather ... I might just settle for above freezing.

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