Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RIP Wednesday Loves

I have a confession.
I've been cheating on my Wednesday Loves. There's a new love in my life...

It's a way to keep track of all my loves every day! Are you on there?! You should be! Morgan you definitely should be! You would love it!

It's a super simple concept, but overwhelming me to try to explain ... It's kind of the same idea as putting everything in your favorites tab. But, organized on boards with pictures. Again, it's super simple, but amazingly awesome and addicting. :)

Because I have a phone addiction and usage problem I even deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps off my phone. I'm pretty sure Twitter and I are over for good. But, I'm keeping my options open with Facebook, however I'll admit I'm enjoying the separation. ;)

And the Pinterest app is totally filling the void!

If you're late to join the party, check it out! I think you'll like it!

Happy Pinning!!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

One Away From One

11 Months Old!

Today our sweet lamby boy is 11 months old ... just one more month and it will be his first birthday. I can't believe it! He is still SUCH a baby! But, he is changing every day, getting bigger and bigger and even though this next month I'll have to face reality, right now ignorance is bliss and I'm holding on to denial with a death grip. So there.

Here is what life with Sawyer has been like this month:

- They weighed him at the doctor yesterday when we went for his tube consult with the ENT and he's 23.4 pounds. Speaking of which, Sawyer will be getting a set of tubes 2 weeks from today, August 9. Poor baby!

- He's in 12 month clothes and wears size 4 diapers.

-He has 8 darling teeth; 4 on top, 4 on bottom.

- He goes to sleep between 7:30 and 8 every night. His naps are off right now as he is trying to go to one nap ... but it's just not working! Sometimes he takes a big 2 and a half hour nap in the morning and then a shorter afternoon nap, and then sometimes vice versa. Just depends.

- He drinks three 6oz bottles of formula a day ... but he really is over it. Sometimes he won't even finish them ... oh well. He prefers table food and still some baby food. He has become a huge eater! He would eat all day if I'd let him! Last night I looked over and Dalton had handed him a rib and he was just gnawing away- I should have snapped a pic. Such a mess!

- Just in time to start WALKING this month he has perfected his crawl and is super fast. No more army crawl for Sawyer ... I was starting to get concerned. ;)
But he has been taking lots of steps lately. We laugh and laugh every time. No matter how many kids you have, it's still fun, special and exciting to see them hit all their little milestones. Avery and Dalton both started walking just days before their first birthdays, so Sawyer I wasn't prepared for him to start walking!! With this has come something very new to me ... climbing. I am seriously scared to death of all the climbing Sawyer has been doing. He climbs up my kitchen chairs onto our table, on to the couch to the large side table, attempts to climb up shelves ... you name it, he's scaled it. When Sawyer is awake he is NOT allowed out of my sight. He is just too adventurous!

-He still loves music and dancing. I am constantly taking videos of him bouncing all around as soon as a tune starts up. He just bounces and bounces and bounces. It's the funniest thing!

- Still squealing with delight constantly ... I'm pretty sure he's damaged hearing in at least one of my ears.

- Will imitate lots of sounds we make and says dada and mama ...but if we say thankyou or uh-oh, he will make the sounds too ... definitely not audible words, but sweet little sounds.

- LOVES his big brother and sister and is constantly following them around, wrestling with Dalton (under intense supervision), and watches every move they make.

- Sawyer is still such a happy baby! Life is so much better with Sawyer here!

Here are some of my very favorite pics of you this month!

From 11 Months

Dear Sawyer,
I fall more in love with you and find something else that makes you even more special all the time. You brighten every day and are constantly a source of JOY for our family!! I'm praying Psalm 84:5 over your sweet life, that you would love Jesus so much and be powerful for His kingdom! "Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee ..." May you be BLESSED by HIM, baby boy!!

You are darling and precious and delightful today, and everyday! Love you with my whole heart!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Update: Lake Lovin'

We heart the lake ... a LOT!
For years and years we have gone to Shangri La on Lake Ouachita and in the summers it was our home away from home. We say it's one step up from camping, I'd give it "half a star" and thats for the pies. It's clean as a whistle, and right on the lake. But there hasn't been an updated in many, many moons. We don't even care. We love it!
However, the last few summers Mom and Dad have leased a condo at Mountain Harbor, right down from Shangri La for the summers. Being able to come and go without worrying about checking in or out, not to mention free lodging and meals for the all of us kids :) has been FABULOUSO!! We love it!! It has made our summers even more fun and our weekends always full of lake time!

We had another fun-filled weekend! Aaron couldn't come this time and I was so thankful that Asa and Emerson were there to help. They're the best built in babysitters ever! Sweet Sawyer went to Maw and Da's for some one-on-one time!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Hooray! One of my favorite blog days!

Here's what I'm loving this week ...

This is my new Otterbox cell phone cover ...
I went back and forth on the pink/purple because it's pretty teeny-bopperish. My natural instinct was to get the white ... but that's what every other girl in my fam has and it's confusing. I'm pretty sure mine will stand out now and I'm loving that! :)

When my great-grandmother, Gammy, died several years ago she left me these dishes. Really it's just these mugs and some little matching bowls. On the bottom of the cup in precious scripted writing says "Coalport Bone China; countryware." Love it.
I love that they were Gammy's. I love that they look vintage. And I love that they're smaller and more dainty than my big everyday PB mugs. Don't you love little dainty things? Flower vases, silverware, or just anything miniature: I am immediately smitten. (Not to be confused with nick-nacks ... which I don't tend to care for.) Maybe my love for little things has contributed to all these small children I have running around my house. :)

This is my new nail polish I'm rocking out this week. It's called "Chinchilly." I feel like "rocking out" is a good way to describe it since I usually go for either no nail polish or my OPI summery fav: Cajun Shrimp. This one feels kinda urban and chic ... Words that def don't describe my country-mommy-self. :) Stepping out this week.

I'm loving my baby Grinch this week. Just look at the resemblance! :) I love that throughout the day he'll be playing and then crawl over to lay his head in my lap for a minute and then cruise back off. Such a sweetie. **Loving my other two yayhoots, too!

MMMmmm!!! New fav! There are few recipes that I don't think would be better with heavy whipping cream. Tonight I'll grill some chicken, boil some bowtie pasta, toss in some diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, parmesan cheese and this creamy goodness. Yummo! Love!

Ok, I have a few more but my kiddos are up and around and need me ... I'll leave you with ...

AH! I know ... it's total trash TV. But, Aaron and I love it. The showmances, bromances, unexpected twists and crazy casts of characters totally suck us in.

Hope you have a loverly Wednesday!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This morning I took Sawyer to the doctor after he had quite a screaming fit last night. He wouldn't nap at all yesterday before finally drinking a bottle and crashing at 7 last night and not waking until 7:30 am. I brought him to the doctor and she confirmed he had two bad ear infections. Again. She said he probably hasn't ever gotten over his ear infection. That it's just been treating them for months. Lovely. Needless to say our sweet boy will be getting tubes in a few weeks.

I fought it with Avery and Dalton, but I would rather have a little surgery than A LOT of anti-biotics ... Yuck!

He was just as happy as could be in the doctors office ... Go figure!!

He's feeling better tonight! Bless him!

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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend with the Cousins

This weekend the kiddos had a blast playing with their cousins Ryley and Katie. Friday morning we met at Chuck E. Cheese and played and played! It's pretty much my kids favorite place. Dalton BEGS to go to "mac 'n cheese" all the time.

Sawyer SERIOUSLY ate 3 pieces of pizza ... no lie!

This little machine took your picture and then printed out different ID cards: stuntman, cheerleader, fire fighter, diva etc ... Ryley and Avery left with no less than 20 cards each.

Chucky came out holding a sign that read: "Follow Me for Free Tickets." The kids formed a little train and ended up in the middle of the play area where they turned on music to dance for tickets. Dalton IMMEDIATELY started boogeying his heart out- Avery was a little more reserved. :)

Saturday we woke up and started out for the in-laws who live about 45 minutes away. We went the their pool and swam ALL day!

Framer. :)

Not a framer ... but makes me laugh.

This was the closest I came to getting a pic of Ryley's flips off the diving board ... I couldn't believe how good they were!

"Momma, that was SO fun, I wanna do it again!" He said this EVERY time he jumped off the diving board!

So big!!!

When we got home we played outside and inside. Upstairs and downstairs. And everything in between! And then, something crazy happened. Something unbelievable.
Sawyer took his first couple steps. Ahhhh!!!! Lynda and I COULDN'T believe it! My sweet baby is so big!! Too big!! :(

Saturday morning I reached out to my Facebook friends for a strawberry pie recipe. I got several and plan on trying another out before making some for the lake next weekend. However, when I got to my mother-in-laws she gave me this one and I scurried to the store after we went swimming. It was WAY good!

I think what got me was the easy-peasiness of it. Baking is not my fav. I'll cook pretty much anything- but baking doesn't always work out for me. I'm always forgetting things like ... flour. With cooking you just keep working on it 'til it's perfect- baking you do your best and hope it turns out. Cooking is much more forgiving! All this to say, I want to be a better baker. Add that to my list. Oh, and this was a no-bake pie! Ha!
Should you care to make this summer treat here's how: Bake your pie crust and let cool. Cream one 8oz block of cream cheese with 2 cups of powdered sugar. Add in one container of cool whip and sliced Strawberries. Pour the mixture to the pie crust and refridgerate until it "sets." I drizzled some almond bark over the top and topped with a strawberry. I can't wait to try the other recipes!

We love going to Maw and Da's!!

Sunday morning we went to church and that afternoon Rachel and Ben came over for dinner. The boys shot bows and Rach and I watched the Jaycee Duggard story ... I still have goosebumps.

All poopied out ...

Sink baths! Sawyer's favorite!

It was a fun-filled weekend!
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