Thursday, October 14, 2010

My Thoughts for 10-14-2010

Helllllllooooo Blogworld.
Now that we have a family of 5, our home life has really changed! One baby is a tough adjustment to parenthood because everything is new. Two really wasn't that different for me- just added some diapers, but three has rocked my world!! It has changed me inside out. Whereas I used to LOVE to go, go, go; I am now much more content to be home taking care of my house and all its occupants. It's too hard to go anywhere and I'm too pooped to get everyone ready anyway! Even on the couple days Avery and Dalton have Mothers Day Out, I just want to be in my quiet house snuggled up with Baby Sawyer.
I can so feel God changing my heart and pointing me home, which is not the easiest thing for me. I have always been very laid back with parenting and keeping the house ... I tended to choose fun and activities over chores consistently and when it was just Avery and Dalton, we went somewhere EVERY day, even if it was just a trip to Target. We just love to go. But, about a week before Sawyer was born my mom came over and we totally simplified my house. We got rid of toys galore, rearranged a bunch of furniture and organized a LOT. Since then, I have been able to be really on top of keeping my house in order and actually ... gasp ... like it! Never did I EVER think I would like to clean house! "Who AM I" I continue to ask myself ... :)

I keep thinking about how homemakers kinda get a bad rap. I wish I had a count of how many people have asked me, "so what do you do?" and I reply, "I stay home with my babies and take care of our house." That is quickly followed up with, "Yes, but what do you DO??" Ummm ...really??
But, I'm sure it is confusing ... when I think of housewives I think of two stereotypes ... June Cleaver and "The Real Housewives ..." Neither is accurate at the Boone house. Although the 1950's housewife is cooking, cleaning, and doting on her family, her sense of "have-it-all-togetherness" is pretty intimidating. There are definitely days that my kids only get out of their pajamas at 4:00 so that their daddy might think there was some order at our house that day. I have to set an alarm at 9:30 am to remind me what I'm cooking that night just to prepare myself for the afternoon "witching hours" that I WILL feed all these people in my house, come hell or high water. And every once in a while all these hooligans I live with can get on my last frazzled nerve. But it's never something a night of sleep won't cure (I'll let you know when I get one of those ...)
And the "Real Housewives" are just something else. Definitely not what is going on over here. They seem to be a bunch of women obsessed with anti-aging techniques and seeing who can have the most reckless abandon with their debit cards.
However, I'm still not sure WHAT I signed up for. I always knew I wanted to be a mommy when I grew up. I just don't think I knew how hard it would be. I was a baby-sitting QUEEN- Constantly watching kiddos, and my little brother was born when I was 12 so I truly thought I had it down. However, there's no "off the clock" now. No turning down a baby-sitting job for a night out with friends. And to top it off now I'm the one writing the check for a sitter .. and they ain't cheap. Plus you're a different mommy to each kiddo! You have to talk to them differently, meet different needs in each one, discipline for THAT specific kiddo!! Whoa now ... whoa. Wayyyy harder than I thought. And I even have someone helping me almost every day!
But, I do feel that I am 100% where God wants me. And that is a good feeling. I've found the more time I spend at home, the more I focus on my family, the more content I am. And that's really all I want ...
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