Monday, February 18, 2013

February 14th and the Days that Followed.

Thursday brought Valentine's Day and I was thrilled to have a reason to spoil my loveys with some happies (Thanks Memaw and Tom for the Target gift card!! They were thrilled with their goodies!)

Avery's class also had QUITE the party, I wasn't really prepared for all the ... excitement.

These two are just too much. Still plotting to kidnap Tanner.

Poor Alexander- Avery feels like she needs to be sitting 3 inches from him at all times. We're working on personal space manners.

Love these Bertsch people ... (**Mom, this is the darling Maryrose, her mama, Alysoun, and the most hilarious, talkative, precocious two year old, Peter. I heart them!)

Sweet friends, Avery and Desirae.

And thennnnn ... the BEST Valentine's Day present!! Maw arrived that night!!!! Wahoo!!

Love this pic!

Da' couldn't come, but sent these little monkeys to his monkeys that they carried around like
 Flat Stanley all weekend.

Maw and Da also had this fun Valentine's Day surprise delivered Friday ... Sawyer practically built it himself.

Friday we ran errands, ate lunch, and wore ourselves out in Elmira before returning home for dinner.
And Saturday we spent the day in Binghampton- the kids favorite stop was the Discovery Center.

Avery spent at least half her time in the Supermarket ... I can relate.

They were DYING to stay out in the story garden for a while, but it. was. 19. degrees. LHM.

Almost like Destin ... not.

My favorite stop was Sonic ... I think it's the only one in New York. The car was quiet for at least
ten minutes enjoying our delicious, fat-filled, fast food.

- I have no idea why Dalton's pants are off.

Then, Saturday night Aaron and I went to a Valentine's Dinner with several couple friends. The women are almost all in my bible study. I've loved living and learning with each of them ... and I'm excited to start our Ruth study at the end of the month.

Emily and Rosie.

Our darling hosts, Dave and Rosie Noordhoek.

Derek and Rachel Williamson.

Julie and Dan Walker.

Emily and Danny Knox. (I pig-snort-laugh at this second pic ... gah they make life fun)

Jason and Dawn Wanck ... first night out without baby Sadie!

My Valentine.

It was a fun night with lots of yummy food and wonderful fellowship. Thankful for these fine folk.

Sunday we went to church and came home for naps... Then I went a little crazy in the kitchen. I feel like I do just dandy and then with a little touch of home (in the form of my sweet mother-in-law)comes in to remind me what's so very far away in Arkansas and I get pretty homesick.
What's a girl to do but get busy in the kitchen? I may have made seven dozen cookies. Whoopsies.

I had plenty of help.

Everyone helped with a batch or two ...

Well, almost every one.

Cutest, bestest, helper!! 
(p.s. That's red sharpie on his neck)

Bursting with pride.

I went even further into a carb-fest stupor making quite a line-up of southern comfort food for dinner: Ham and Northern Beans, Cornbread, Turnip Greens, and Macaroni and Cheese. I think it made me feel better about being in the very far away, bitterly cold north.

Today we kept busy ignoring the clock telling us that Maw would be leaving soon.

Very busy, indeed.

More prideful moments seeing his new art on the wall.

Maw never leaves without helping with some fun projects.

It was a love-filled weekend for sure!!

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