Wednesday, March 6, 2013

If Only ...

If only my laptop hadn't bit the dust last week I would post pictures and the like ... but the iPad will suffice for now. I'm still praying for a glorious resurrection ... it's Easter season and all ... so I believe in miracles of all shapes and sizes. He parted the Red Sea y'all- I just saw it on the Bible mini-series ... how hard could it be to let the lap top live a little longer?

If only we were in Little Rock then I would have taken all my kiddos to our normal Pediatrician and been in and out in record time. Diagnosis' given, prescriptions written, and Sonic-slushies-slurpen for all our sore throats ... but that's not the case. We are officially the sickies in the Boonies. Three of the five of us have confirmed cases of strep, and the other two of us strangely came out negative. But, I don't believe it for a minute.

If only we were in Little Rock Maw would have probably moved in for a couple days and had every bit of throw up laundry cleaned, every dish hand washed and put away and my floors looking like the top of the Chrysler building. Not to mention my Gardenia bush and buttercups would probably be blooming there so she would have freshly picked flowers perched in all the right places ensuring "get well soon" was happening any moment. She would be reading Peter Rabbit, snuggling, cooking, and loving us all like she does wayyyyyy too well to be 1300 miles away. But who's counting.

If only we were in Little Rock my Rachy would have been there to come get well kids to go to the park or spend the night with her or something fun and lovely and non-sickly.

If only we were at home Sarah Baker would have delivered Fresh Market yummies to our house with a vast array of dessert choices and a bouquet of hydrangeas (she is way too conscientious to have stayed in the Plague-ville with us with baby Noah in the car and baby girl Wellons in her belly, but she would have spread some love no doubt).

If only we were in Little Rock my mama would be there to know exactly what I needed before I could think of it myself. She would be bustling around the house in an apron and bathing littles in Epsom Salt baths, making beds, rearranging my bookshelves, and somehow making my house look much nicer than it is. Because that's what she does.

But, we're not.

I'm in a sick, foggy mindset where I really just want my people.

However, my PA people have been pretty great too. Meals delivered, sick needs thrown at the door in hopes of not touching the door and thus catching the said plague themselves. Emily called last night begging me to tell her something that would make me feel better, "What about a yummy decaf latte from ... er ... well ... McDonald's?"
We laughed and laughed as she stumbled around for a yummy coffee shop (even though Dunkin Donuts lattes really are growing on me) before realizing there really aren't any in our tiny town. Coffee actually surprisingly sounds pretty awful anyway, I only want my ice water ... Apparently thats all anyone else wants as well, as my cup has become quite communal, driving me to the edge of sanity several times. "I've fixed no less than fourteen gatorade cups today- drink your own people! Quit. Sharing. Germs."
It's just amazing we can't get well.

We're still alive though. Hanging by the edge, but alive. We could use some healthy prayers thought! Send them our way!!

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