Monday, February 27, 2012


This little booger turned 18 months old yesterday ...

Sawyer Boone, you are just the sweetest, funniest, busiest, most darling and delightful thing I've ever laid my eyes on. You love naps, fruit snacks, shoes, hats, cars, horses, your plasma car, and strawberry milk.
You are trying to talk and talk and are very good at copying what we say.
I seriously think you are one of the funniest people I've ever met and you can't even speak yet!! You bring SO much fun to our family and I can't imagine life without you in it!!

Love you little boo!!!

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Love my Loves

This Valentines Day wasn't quite as lovey since the hubs was out of town. Thankfully he left me a pink snuggie to show his undying love for me ... He may or may not have given me a pink snuggie last year for Valentines day. He swears he didn't, but he's mistaken. :)

He did leave some sweet little happies for the kiddos, though. Love, love Aaron Boone. I feel like when you're married you can go through seasons of being complacent in your marriage and kinda taking them for granted. Just getting caught up in the day-to-day ... Ya know?? And then you have seasons where you just totally appreciate them so much and more lovey dovey. I'm in a lovey dovey season ... I just love him to death. However, I'm sure he'll leave a dip cup out soon and I'll be back to complacency.... Kiddinggg. ;)

One of my fav parts of pre-school is all the fun little parties. I wish I could have been craftier lately ... I really, really wanted to. However, with the move and all the hooplah going out we did store bought Justin Bieber style. Hilarious.
Have I mentioned Av is OBSESSED with JB? She says she's going to marry him and then her name with be Avery Bieber. Bahahaha!

Anywho ... Here are my lovies on Valentine's Day before school ...


And some party pics from their parties ...

Bobo came!!

This was the same day as Avery's going away party ... So Sawyer had enough sugar and treats to last a month. Geez...

Love this little pic of Avery and her friend Emory at school. Sweet friends.

Lots of love to you and yours!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Not Me

I just love when babies start talking ...

YouTube Video

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

After While, Crocodile ...

**Disclaimer: I'm blogging at midnight, so this is terribly sappy. I'm aware. Read at your own risk.** Saying good bye is terrible. It just is. I've turned into a weepy MESS the last couple weeks as we draw closer and closer to the end of the month. Packing is terrible; showing the house every day is beyond exhausting (even though I'm thankful for all the activity!); it's just a stressful, sad time. So there, I said it. I'm having a pity party- and I'll cry if I want to. Which I do ... Part of the reason that it's so sad to leave is all the amazing people in my life. I honestly have the most amazing family, the most wonderful friends and just an all together dreamy life in Arkansas. Of COURSE there are stresses and ups and downs, but for the most part I have VERY little to complain about. So leaving this place of absolute comfort- to head across the country to the great unknown is just heart-breaking. I'm excited about the adventure and experience, but in my heart of hearts I'm a homebody ... And I just want to stay home. I wasn't planning on "leave and cleave" as being just a literal vow. :) My PRAYER in this (because I'm overly visual) is that God will fill up all the deep cracks in my broken heart with Him. Because they will be so deep from those I love so much and are so deeply kept in my heart, that maybe He can penetrate my heart that much deeper. Does that make sense? That maybe all the heart break I have ahead, will draw me that much deeper to Christ. It's just the image I keep seeing in my head ... Him coming in and filling my heart with His love and His peace, His kindness. Once my mom told me that the scripture in the bible that says "He will give His Spirit without measure," means that we can ask for as much love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,gentleness, thankfulness and self-control and there is NO limit to how much He will give. I find myself asking Him to fill me up multiple times a day ever since she told me that. I definitely can't get enough. It's unbelievably hard to think of saying the "G" word to so many people. One of my friends, Amy, who is gearing up for a year away in North Carolina where her husband will do a Fellowship for the next year, said she's not saying "Bye" ... Just see ya later. :) I like it. Several of my friends took me out last week to say "See ya Later." I literally started crying as soon as I walked in ... I'm so thankful for friends.

I laughed at this quote tonight on Pinterest because it's so true. We use our electronic pacifiers to meet so many social needs that we end up having all these virtual friends, but not many real ones. I feel incredibly blessed to have been surrounded with many sweet, Godly friends the last few years. Crying already to think about not getting to see them and visit about the season we're in. Being young wives and mamas is SO hard ... Seriously, so stinking hard. So having friends to build you up, ask how you're REALLY doing, and pray for each other is huge. And something I DO NOT take lightly.

Here's some of the girlies at Ya Ya's last week. Michele had already left and we missed you Morgan!!! They sent me away with a sweet pic of a few of us ...

And a darling Arkansas tea towel ...

Love them both. And love y'all!! I was not the only one to have a going away party ...

Avery's teacher Mrs. Carla hosted THE most precious tea party this morning. All the kids dressed up and there was classical music playing so they could dance and it was just darling in every way!

Avery checking out some goodies from sweet friends.

Sawyer loved the refreshments. :)

Cutie patootie Gracie brought balloons for Avery AND Dalton.

Dancing ...

They all went around and said things they loved about Avery.

And Mrs. Carla even sent them home with party favors ... Notice Avery's little saucer that they all signed. To say Mrs. Carla touched my heart today is an understatement. There is nothing like people loving on your kids, and she has been a dream of a first teacher. That little tea party today was just BEYOND special and something I know I will never forget! So ... There we have it. Wrapping up our days in Arkansas. I already can't wait to get back. But I won't say goodbye!!!!!

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