Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We've been pretty sick around here for about the last 10 days. We just can't shake it. I know that we picked something up from Moms 'n More. I left them in the after care 2 weeks ago, so they were there for over 5 hours. 2 days later they had the goop. The runny noses, the coughing, and then the fever started. I waited a few days and took them in to the doctor. Both had ear infections. Avery only had one, and Dalton had both ears. Pitiful. The fever has come and gone for the last couple weeks. We just stay at home and watch shows and read books and take a few laps around the yard. It makes it extremely difficult to keep the house clean. Because we're just here ALL day, and they're tired of their toys and big people things look much more interesting. Especially when they're broken into 50 pieces on the floor. It's a good thing they're cute, I tell ya. And it's a good thing I have Shelley to come help me with the house once a week. Not sure what I would do without her. Probably not like my kiddos quite as much ... jayyy kayyy.
After about a week of the fever and runny noses on the anti-biotics I took him back to the doctor. He was just so fussy that I knew he still felt so bad. And after a couple of middle of the night playdates I knew something was up. So we went in and Dr. Young said that Dalton's ears hadn't improved at all. :( I asked her if we could look at his charts and talk about getting tubes. She went and checked out his charts and said he has had about 9 ear infections documented over his sweet little life. That's pretty much one every other month. So, we're getting in with the ENT next week to talk about getting tubes in his ears. I'm kind of having an anxiety attack about them putting him to sleep. I know it will totally help him out and he'll feel so much better, but I know there is still that tiny little risk that something could happen. So I'm trying not to fret about it ... not going so well. Probably shouldn't talk about it anymore.
Sick world is pretty much DOMINATING our life right now. Sad!
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