Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Party Pics

My sweet mom decided she just couldn't handle the kids not having a birthday party this year since we're so far away. So, she took it upon herself to throw a mega fun
party for all the kids sweet friends. Avery decided the day after her last birthday she wanted to have a cake decorating party next time ... So she made it happen. Dalton got his wish and had a pony come!
I'll let pics give the rest of the deets ... Thanks for everyone who came and made us feel so loved!! Best friends ever!!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Southern Living: Visiting Arkansas

We've been in Little Rock for a little over a week now, and I want to give a little overview of our fun here in weekly updates. In summers past, it wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary, but living so far so away they are memories I'm storing up to get me through my next several month-long hiatus of missing my dear ones (gulp).

We've had fun dinner dates with family ...

A Birthday Dinner with Friends ...

We love our mornings at Dede and Pop Pop's ...

{Just one more reason that my parents house is my most very favorite in Little Rock.}

Dalton was SPEECHLESS when Mrs.Krista showed up in the driveway on Dallas!

Nothing like a morning horsey ride ...

We've got to have lots of loving on sweet family ...

We had a great weekend celebrating Dalton's Birthday and Lake Fun ...

We woke up at Maw's house on Dalton's birthday to his favorite breakfast of biscuits and gravy, plus presents! It was a great start to the day for a big four year old.

We left Sawyer with Maw and took off for Lake Ouachita, but of course had to stop at Tractor Supply for some new animals. 

Quite possibly my favorite meal in Central Arkansas. Thank YOU Shangri La!!!

I love you, Arkansas, and all the fun you bring. So glad it's not over yet.

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