Saturday, January 16, 2010

Our Saturday Nights

Once upon a time Saturday nights were special, they
meant a probable date night and a reason to get "gussied"
up for a fun night on the town. Now, Saturday nights
just kind of blend in with the rest of the week. I still
usually cook dinner, still do bath time, most likely still
do dishes and laundry. Tonight Avery and Aaron went to
the grocery store and a couple other places, then they came
home, I cooked steak sanwiches and fries and ... that's about
it. But strangely, I'm ok with that. I've actually
been really tired the last few days and it was a
welcomed relaxation time. Dalton may or may not be sleeping
in the same jammies he slept in last night and that he wore
all day. That's the kind of day we had. ;) and I loved it.


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