Friday, July 1, 2011


I feel like with this VBS schedule I've barely seen my big yayhoots this week! However, they have still said a few fun things in passing... :)

Monday, Aaron was still in the hospital and SB came to take Avery and Dalton to lunch. She wanted to take them to see Cars 2, but I couldn't take Sawyer and I just thought that would be alot for her. Especially since she is 6 months pregnant!
They ended up going to A's favorite,Purple Cow and then to read books at Barnes and Noble. Dalton was being crazy and Avery was really upset about it. At one point Dalton kept asking to go play on the playground and Sarah Baker was trying to explain there wasn't one (poor Dalton doesn't go to many non-fast-food restaurants! Ha!) Anyway, Avery finally snapped: "Dalton, this is Purple Cow and there is not a playground here. You just sit at this table and color and be quiet. If you're really good you get a milkshake. So be quiet." I think that was how the afternoon was generally going- Dalton not being on his best behavior. Mom ended up coming to get D and she took just Avery to see Cars 2. When Dalton woke up from his nap he power- walked up to Avery and said, "where did you go? Where did you GO?" He just knew he had missed something!
Avery felt terrible ... can't you tell?

The other day Sawyer fussed out in the middle of the night. He does this sometimes but he never actually wakes up or cries or needs up to get him. Anyway, Avery came running out to tell Aaron.
Avery: Daddy, Daddy! The baby is crying! He wants out!
Aaron: No, he just fussed for a second. He's back asleep now.
Avery: Aaron, are you NOT going to go in there? I can;t do it, it's not my responsibility!

Before VBS yesterday I was painting Avery's nails. We have a silly rule that I only paint hers pink- red just looks so grown up. But, I was going to do red with white polka dots for 4th of July. I didn't think about it breaking our rule until Avery said, "Mommy, I wasn't ready to grow up. I just wanted to stay this size." I asked her what she meant and she reminded me. She doesn't miss a thing.

Lastly, Lynda said during bible time every night Mrs. Peggy says, "Who's the King of this kitchen?" and the first couple nights Dalton would scream out "Lion!" (He watches The Lion King alot) Bahaha! I think he's got it figured out now!

Hope everyone has a Happy 4th!!!


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