Wednesday, July 27, 2011

RIP Wednesday Loves

I have a confession.
I've been cheating on my Wednesday Loves. There's a new love in my life...

It's a way to keep track of all my loves every day! Are you on there?! You should be! Morgan you definitely should be! You would love it!

It's a super simple concept, but overwhelming me to try to explain ... It's kind of the same idea as putting everything in your favorites tab. But, organized on boards with pictures. Again, it's super simple, but amazingly awesome and addicting. :)

Because I have a phone addiction and usage problem I even deleted the Facebook and Twitter apps off my phone. I'm pretty sure Twitter and I are over for good. But, I'm keeping my options open with Facebook, however I'll admit I'm enjoying the separation. ;)

And the Pinterest app is totally filling the void!

If you're late to join the party, check it out! I think you'll like it!

Happy Pinning!!

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Morgan said...

I'm on pinterest, I'll just have to find you!!

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