Friday, July 8, 2011


Love my wee babes and the funny things they say ... :)

Last weekend we were at a festival and we walked by where all the police cars were parked. Avery was walking past with her mouth hanging open. Once we were gone she said, (hands on hips of course) "Um, mom. Like, did you see that police car? I mean, like I almost died."
When we got to the lake the next day my mom asked Dalton what we had been doing and he said, "We went to a wonderful festival."

Another funny happened when we were swimming one night at the pool at the lake and my mom was telling the kids it was time to go in.
Dede: "Okay, Avery it's time to get dried off so we can go inside and lie down."
Avery: "Oh but Dede, what will I wear tonight?"
(In case you haven't caught on, we have a full-fledged drama queen on our hands.)

Avery: "Ray Ray, let's play Jasmine."
Rachel: "Okay, how do you play?"
Avery: "Step 1: prepare to sing ... {breaks into song} ..."I can show you the world..." Step 2: well, you know step 2."

Avery was sharing some of her corn pops with Sawyer this week and they got stuck ALL in his hair! Made me laugh. :)

A lot of times at night I'll wrap up the kiddos in a towel after bathtime and say, "Oh, I'm gonna hold you like a baby!" But, Dalton has started beating me to it and saying, "Momma, Hold me like a Dalton."

"Like, Like, like, like, like, like." Every other word out of Avery's mouth is "Like" these days. LHM

Dalton has started saying "No Way!" all.the.time. Lovely.

Here he is with the itty, bitty froggy he caught.

That's all folks!!

Hope you have an Unforgettable Friday! :)


the osbornes said...

love those Boonies! Noah's thing these days is "No way, Mommy. You're kidding me. You're kidding me" Always repeated twice. Funny kids.

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