Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Fun!!

I think the 4th of July has always secretly been my favorite holiday. It's filled with my favorite people, super carefree and low stress, at my favorite place: Lake Ouachita!! Of course, with all these babies we limited our lake time to two days. We still did some fun things to lead up to it!
Friday night I drove to HSV to pick-up Avery and Dalton from their last night at Vacation Bible School. When I saw them singing their little song and jumping all around I almost lost it. Okay, okay ... totally lost it!! I can't believe my babies are so big!! After showing me their classrooms and saying bye to their friends and teachers, they begged to play outside ... I complied!

Love this picture of him. :)

Saturday morning we went down the street to our town's family festival. It. Was. So. Hot. But, we tried to make the best of it!

From 4th

From 4th

From 4th

Saturday night, we went over to Aaron's aunt and uncle's house to play. Avery and Dalton LOVE to go over and play with their cousin Maci. Between a farm full of animals, a closet full of dress up clothes and mimicking Maci's every move- it's paradise!

Then finally Sunday morning we woke up and headed to Mountain Harbor.

There we met my parents, Emerson, Rachel and Ben, and Ben and Sarah Baker. They had all been there since Thursday. My mom and SB stayed inside Sunday to keep Sawyer- it was just too hot for him! When we were leaving, I accidentally grabbed my phone instead of my camera so I didn't take as many pictures. :( I hardly took any pictures this weekend, really! We were barely out of the water and when I was there were usually two babies in my lap! But, it was a super fun day with all our favorite lake friends!

Mom took this with her phone so it's not great quality- but it still makes me laugh. Loved being with all my favorite peeps!

Monday morning Aaron, Ben W, Emerson, Avery and Dalton went on their annual trail ride. And they always send cute pics and videos!

From 4th

On Monday my mom insisted again to stay in with Sawyer! We only stayed out a few hours, because a huge storm blew in. I've never seen lightening so close!

They fell asleep as soon as we buckeled them in. After we FINALLY got home Aaron wanted to take them to watch the fireworks at the park by our house. Sawyer was DONE so we stayed home and they went. But, we still did some celebrating. ;)

Aaron met up with the Fleeman's there and I stole this pic off Christy's page! Thanks girl!
From 4th

Hope everyone had a safe and happy 4th! So thankful for all those who have sacrificed for our country in so many ways!

"If therefore the Son shall make you free, you shall be free indeed." John 8:36


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