Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend with the Cousins

This weekend the kiddos had a blast playing with their cousins Ryley and Katie. Friday morning we met at Chuck E. Cheese and played and played! It's pretty much my kids favorite place. Dalton BEGS to go to "mac 'n cheese" all the time.

Sawyer SERIOUSLY ate 3 pieces of pizza ... no lie!

This little machine took your picture and then printed out different ID cards: stuntman, cheerleader, fire fighter, diva etc ... Ryley and Avery left with no less than 20 cards each.

Chucky came out holding a sign that read: "Follow Me for Free Tickets." The kids formed a little train and ended up in the middle of the play area where they turned on music to dance for tickets. Dalton IMMEDIATELY started boogeying his heart out- Avery was a little more reserved. :)

Saturday we woke up and started out for the in-laws who live about 45 minutes away. We went the their pool and swam ALL day!

Framer. :)

Not a framer ... but makes me laugh.

This was the closest I came to getting a pic of Ryley's flips off the diving board ... I couldn't believe how good they were!

"Momma, that was SO fun, I wanna do it again!" He said this EVERY time he jumped off the diving board!

So big!!!

When we got home we played outside and inside. Upstairs and downstairs. And everything in between! And then, something crazy happened. Something unbelievable.
Sawyer took his first couple steps. Ahhhh!!!! Lynda and I COULDN'T believe it! My sweet baby is so big!! Too big!! :(

Saturday morning I reached out to my Facebook friends for a strawberry pie recipe. I got several and plan on trying another out before making some for the lake next weekend. However, when I got to my mother-in-laws she gave me this one and I scurried to the store after we went swimming. It was WAY good!

I think what got me was the easy-peasiness of it. Baking is not my fav. I'll cook pretty much anything- but baking doesn't always work out for me. I'm always forgetting things like ... flour. With cooking you just keep working on it 'til it's perfect- baking you do your best and hope it turns out. Cooking is much more forgiving! All this to say, I want to be a better baker. Add that to my list. Oh, and this was a no-bake pie! Ha!
Should you care to make this summer treat here's how: Bake your pie crust and let cool. Cream one 8oz block of cream cheese with 2 cups of powdered sugar. Add in one container of cool whip and sliced Strawberries. Pour the mixture to the pie crust and refridgerate until it "sets." I drizzled some almond bark over the top and topped with a strawberry. I can't wait to try the other recipes!

We love going to Maw and Da's!!

Sunday morning we went to church and that afternoon Rachel and Ben came over for dinner. The boys shot bows and Rach and I watched the Jaycee Duggard story ... I still have goosebumps.

All poopied out ...

Sink baths! Sawyer's favorite!

It was a fun-filled weekend!


Michelle said...

looks like a fun weekend! your kiddos are adorable!!

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