Tuesday, July 12, 2011


This morning I took Sawyer to the doctor after he had quite a screaming fit last night. He wouldn't nap at all yesterday before finally drinking a bottle and crashing at 7 last night and not waking until 7:30 am. I brought him to the doctor and she confirmed he had two bad ear infections. Again. She said he probably hasn't ever gotten over his ear infection. That it's just been treating them for months. Lovely. Needless to say our sweet boy will be getting tubes in a few weeks.

I fought it with Avery and Dalton, but I would rather have a little surgery than A LOT of anti-biotics ... Yuck!

He was just as happy as could be in the doctors office ... Go figure!!

He's feeling better tonight! Bless him!

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Michelle said...

poor little guy:( i cant imagine!

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