Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend Update: Lake Lovin'

We heart the lake ... a LOT!
For years and years we have gone to Shangri La on Lake Ouachita and in the summers it was our home away from home. We say it's one step up from camping, I'd give it "half a star" and thats for the pies. It's clean as a whistle, and right on the lake. But there hasn't been an updated in many, many moons. We don't even care. We love it!
However, the last few summers Mom and Dad have leased a condo at Mountain Harbor, right down from Shangri La for the summers. Being able to come and go without worrying about checking in or out, not to mention free lodging and meals for the all of us kids :) has been FABULOUSO!! We love it!! It has made our summers even more fun and our weekends always full of lake time!

We had another fun-filled weekend! Aaron couldn't come this time and I was so thankful that Asa and Emerson were there to help. They're the best built in babysitters ever! Sweet Sawyer went to Maw and Da's for some one-on-one time!


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