Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Hooray! One of my favorite blog days!

Here's what I'm loving this week ...

This is my new Otterbox cell phone cover ...
I went back and forth on the pink/purple because it's pretty teeny-bopperish. My natural instinct was to get the white ... but that's what every other girl in my fam has and it's confusing. I'm pretty sure mine will stand out now and I'm loving that! :)

When my great-grandmother, Gammy, died several years ago she left me these dishes. Really it's just these mugs and some little matching bowls. On the bottom of the cup in precious scripted writing says "Coalport Bone China; countryware." Love it.
I love that they were Gammy's. I love that they look vintage. And I love that they're smaller and more dainty than my big everyday PB mugs. Don't you love little dainty things? Flower vases, silverware, or just anything miniature: I am immediately smitten. (Not to be confused with nick-nacks ... which I don't tend to care for.) Maybe my love for little things has contributed to all these small children I have running around my house. :)

This is my new nail polish I'm rocking out this week. It's called "Chinchilly." I feel like "rocking out" is a good way to describe it since I usually go for either no nail polish or my OPI summery fav: Cajun Shrimp. This one feels kinda urban and chic ... Words that def don't describe my country-mommy-self. :) Stepping out this week.

I'm loving my baby Grinch this week. Just look at the resemblance! :) I love that throughout the day he'll be playing and then crawl over to lay his head in my lap for a minute and then cruise back off. Such a sweetie. **Loving my other two yayhoots, too!

MMMmmm!!! New fav! There are few recipes that I don't think would be better with heavy whipping cream. Tonight I'll grill some chicken, boil some bowtie pasta, toss in some diced tomatoes, artichoke hearts, parmesan cheese and this creamy goodness. Yummo! Love!

Ok, I have a few more but my kiddos are up and around and need me ... I'll leave you with ...

AH! I know ... it's total trash TV. But, Aaron and I love it. The showmances, bromances, unexpected twists and crazy casts of characters totally suck us in.

Hope you have a loverly Wednesday!


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