Friday, August 5, 2011


Hello, blog. This summer heat has me l-a-z-y ... and I've been neglecting the ole' blog. Thankfully Cabs is keeping me in check and forcing me to record some unforgettables right now. Thanks Cabs.
I can't promise they're funny because I haven't been recording them like I normally try to do. Again ... lazy.

Me: Dalton, why are you naked again? Go put your undies back on!"
Dalton: "No, mama I just want to be naked!"
Avery: "please Mama, please let him be naked."

Yesterday we were in USA Drug... as in me and three children by myself. I try to avoid this at all cost because I'm scared things will play out just like they did. There I was carrying Sawyer on my hip, Avery following me around inside a Hula Hoop while she continued to run into things. Dalton was running through every aisle AWAY from me at rapid speed... barefoot of course, while yelling, "Mama, I need this candy for when I go poo poo!" Because we are still having issues with him not wanting to go #2 in the potty (He wants to put a pull-up on). I finally started yelling MYSELF, "Dalton, I'm going to spank you if you don't come here. NOW."
I am so that Mom. Whoops.

Sawyer gets to try new foods all the time right now and his facial expressions are ha-larious. We gave him something sour about a week ago and he did NOT like it and was making the funniest face. So now we say, "do your sour face" and he starts scrunching his face up. But, since we've made him do it so much he gets excited to do it and starts snorting too, which is even funnier. I just love him more every day!

The last couple days Dalton has come up to me, put his hands on my face, in his best baby voice says, "Mama, you are too cute!"

This week we were at the athletic club heading out to the pool, but after dropping Sawyer in the nursery had to walk up the stairs by all the worker-outers. There were lots of people on bikes and ellipticals and Avery looked at me and said, "Momma, is that what you're gonna do?" I told her no, I was just going to take them to the pool. Then she said, "Well, I really wish you would."
Lovely, thanks A.

Avery has turned into THE best helper. She is constantly carrying Sawyer around or I find them laying in her bed where she's reading him books. She helps him with his bottles and she IMMEDIATELY alerts me if he's into a no-no. It's wonderful.
I knew I had all these kids so close together for a reason!

Ok, that's all for today. Here are some pictures from last weekend that I never posted! :) Enjoy!

He's fearless on that diving board! He even jumped off the top of the party barge a couple weeks ago. SUCH a mess. In a good way of course. :)

Happy Friday!!


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