Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yum to the O.

Okay, I have gotten WAY into Pinterest lately. Like, Loveeee it. I seriously make a Pinterest recipe every day and have even gasp, started working on some DIY projects. Let's just say I used sandpaper and spray paint today and I didn't hate it! :)
I think I'll devote a whole post to Pinterest creations soon, it's pretty monumental. Ha!

Anyway, another reason I love it is for easy peasy recipes like this that you may even have all the ingredients on hand! Avery and I just made them and they were sinfully rich and pretty darn good! I gave Sawyer a bite and he all but said "Thank you. "

You can thank me later. :)

Especially you Cabs. These are right up your alley!

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Lindsay said...

Girl... I just started Pinterest last night and am IN LOVE!!!!

Morgan Smith said...

Sometimes, like tonight, I just think about how similar our lives are, and for some reason... It makes me smile a real happy little smile. I can so relate to your posts!!!

the osbornes said...

love it. love pinterest. love avery cooking up some yummies. just love it.

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