Friday, August 12, 2011


Just realized it's Friday. Some weeks the days just run together over here! But yay for Friday!
And Friday means Unforgettables!

Dalton has been laying on Sawyer's high chair tray lately. This worries me to death that he's going to break the tray and go crashing to the tile floor and then Sawyer will come barreling out after him. I'm always asking "Dalton, What do you you think you are doing?!" in a not so calm voice. And he almost always answers, "he wants to eat me!"
And starts dying laughing. Mess.

Sour face!!

Throughout the day in Avery and Dalton's disagreements
I'll hear one spout off, "My mom said you couldn't!" As if I'm just one of their mom. It makes me laugh.

They are constantly tattling on each other. On one hand this is
good because I am always in the know. On the other hand, I'm constantly saying, "no." When I would like to pretend not to see for a minute. :)

This week little man got tubes in his ears. He did wonderfully and was outside playing in the water hose by the afternoon with the big kids.

They were even kind enough to wash my car!

All cleaned up!!

Dalton has been stealing my coffeemate this week! He gets it out of the fridge and hides with it! Arg!


I got home from Target a couple days ago and Avery sheepishlessly came scooting up to me ... "Mommy,I'm really sorry, but I've made a huge mess in your closet. But, I had a great time."
And isn't that all that matters? :)

Sawyer saying peekaboo!!

I recorded Ramona and Beezus for Avery last week and we've watched it every day. That and A Cinderella
, the Hillary Duff real people one. It's crazy she's big enough to watch movies that aren't animated! Big girl!

Speaking of BIG I signed Avery and Dalton up for preschool in the fall. They start in just a couple weeks. They'll go Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30-2:30. I can't believe it! I know it's time, but I can't believe they are so old!

Lastly, Dalton came in the living room last night after looking for Aaron and finding him in the shower. He came running out and screamed, "MOM, I saw Daddy's butt." Bahaha! I'll spare you a picture! ;)

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Morgan Smith said...

love the unforgettables:) and i so so love that airplane jon jon!

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