Sunday, August 21, 2011

Weekend Update... This and That.

This weekend was the perfect blend of relaxing and fun! Friday my mom came and picked up Dalton so he could spend the night with my sister Rachel. Avery had gone to spend the night with she and Ben on Wednesday night and by Friday Dalton needed a turn, too. I was so proud of both of them that neither tried to come home! They had only spent the night away with Dede or with Maw, so this was new territory. However, with as much fun as Ben and Rach pack into a short overnight visit, there is no time to miss Mommy and Daddy! Thankfully they send pictures around the clock. Since my mom took D first, and then they met up with Ben and Rach, plus they ran into Sarah Baker and Ben (for non-familial readers, I know it's so weird that both of my sisters are married to Ben's!) when they went to Orange Leaf ... it was pic overload ... I'll share of course!

Afternoon milkshake at Dede's ...

About to go meet the fam for U.S. Pizza ... I love that you can tell Dede just brushed his hair to a little side part. Love her.

Shopping for a new book at Barnes and Noble ..

More ice cream at Orange Leaf. (Spoiled beyond belief)

Look at those eyelashes.

He started off wanting to sleep on this cot ...

But ended up in the bed (Uncle Emerson spent the night with Ben and Rach, too!)

Waking up with all his new BFF! Thanks Ben Haynes and RayRay! He loved every minute!

Also Friday night Ashley brought her crew in for a short visit. We all went to Bobo's for pizza and cousin time galore ... I totally forgot to take any pics! There was just too much going on! But, while we were waiting on Aaron to come home I snapped these...

(Cutest girl I know!!)

Funniest picture of Sawyer ever!! Oh, he makes me laugh!!

Saturday while Avery was playing with the cousins, Sawyer and I went to Conway with Ben and Sarah Baker. Aaron is on the pro-staff for a new duck call line, Black Ops Duck Calls. They had a booth at the Arkansas Outdoors Expo in Conway this weekend so we went to check it out.


We took this for Dalton ... loves him a bear.

Already callin'.

Look hard to see Dash, Ben and SB's dog, jumping for a field trial! She's hard to spot!

Barely let me buckle him in before falling asleep!

Sunday everyone in the house slept till 9:30 ... ummmm ... unbelievable! Aaron had to go back up to the Expo center, and so the kids and I laid around the house all day. It was a super easy day. We missed church, so thankful for the on-line campus when we miss!! It's almost makes it too easy to stay home! ;/

Hope everyone had a good weekend!!


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