Monday, August 15, 2011


Today we had a bit of a cold front in Central Arkansas, meaning the temperatures dropped to under 80 degrees. I woke up and was sitting out on my favorite spot, my porch swing, waiting on my coffee to brew and I was actually cold. Ah-mazing.
I have NEVER been so ready for fall!!

The kiddos finally woke up and after Avery changed outfits at least six times and Dalton spilled at least three drinks, I threw them in the car to go enjoy the nice weather. We went to the park and they played and played. Even Sawyer went down a few slides. :)

After an hour or so the temperatures went up, and the humidity followed. We went home for an early lunch and afternoon naps. When the kids woke up I gave them this fun little survey I found on Pinterest. They thought it was fun and I loved hearing their answers!

It was a pretty ordinary day here, which are sometimes the best ones!


Morgan said...

I love the surveys!!

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