Monday, August 29, 2011

Sawyer's Birthday Bonanza

Saturday morning we woke up and hurried to get the house ready for Sawyer's birthday bash. This task was amazingly easier without Avery and Dalton around, as they had spent the night with Maw. :)
As everyone started arriving I went and took my camera off the charger where it had been the entire night before. However, when I turned it on it said, "battery exhausted." I was SO disappointed! And NO one had their cameras with them! I was sad, but my handy dandy iPhone camera still documented what it could. I put SB in charge of the photography role and she did her best, but I am pretty limited in my photos today. Sniff, sniff.

To start it off I just wanted to show a collage of EACH baby on their birthdays ... They really look SO different.

I love that Avery is buckled in to the high chair ... first child. Now, with Sawyer, I'm pretty sure the straps aren't even attached to the chair any more.

It was really fun to have the whole fam come to our house for some food, fun, and birthday festivities. Sawyer was still feeling terribly, but he made the most of it. The poor boy slept until 10, and all but fell asleep in his cupcake.

Uncle Ben shared all his homeade ice cream ... Thanks Uncle Ben! ;)

(Apparently someone wiped his mouth with a dish towel that had cleaning solution on it so he had a little allergic reaction for about 10 minutes ... hence the red patches on his cheeks ... Happy Birthday Sawyer... )

Thank goodness Avery and Dalton were there to show him how to unwrap all his toys. ;)

Happy Birthday, dear one!! You are so loved!!


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