Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sawyer's Mini Surgery

Today Sawyer got tubes.

I think this is probably one of the most normal procedures for little kids, but it was still our first time
to go through it and we were a little scared!
After allllll the sickness our baby boy has had over the last year we thought we'd treat him to an early birthday present. Tubes.

We got there bright and early this morning and were a little nervous to see how it would all go down. The waiting room was full of kids that were going through the same ordeal ... And nervous parents just like us.
They called us back to pre-op where we signed papers and were briefed on the procedure.

Finally, they came and got him. He had a mini breakdown when we handed him over. Miraculously I didn't cry. We waited in the waiting room for all of 10 minutes and then called us to post-op.
Sweet Sawyer did not do well coming out of anesthesia at all. He finally started feeling better after his nap and has been doing well ever since!
Hopefully he'll have a much better winter than last!

We did a lot of outside playing this afternoon. He loveddd it! :)

Begging to go back out!

Happy Tuesday!

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