Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wednesday Loves

Ahhh ... breaking back into our normal routine again and it feels good! Aaron went back to work today and I'm doing some house work and jammin' out to the Kari Jobe station on Pandora. Love ;)

So, what am I loving this Wednesday? I'm so glad you asked, let me tell you ...

This is my crock-pot. I love it. No, really. Last night I made this yumminess off Tasty Kitchen's website (another love).
There were several of Aaron's friends at our house last night watching a baseball game and all the MEN were asking for this recipe- it was super yummy! And ALL I did was cook chicken tenderloins in a bottle of Italian dressing on low for 4 hours. Then I stirred in a packet of McCormick's chicken taco seasoning in and let it cook for 20 more minutes. Then I just shredded up the chicken to load on to tostadas with all our fav taco fixin's. Super yummy and the crock-pot did all the work. PLUS, huge bonus is how yummy your kitchen smells all afternoon! Mmmmm!!

Earbuds: This isn't my iphone, I can't take a pic of mine bc I would need to use it to take the pic and I'm too lazy to go get out my camera and take a real picture of my phone ... so thanks Google. Anyway, my BFF, Caroline, reminded me that the earbuds that came with my iPhone (not the ones in the pic) double as a handsfree device ... Ummmm. My life is FOREVER changed. LOVE isn't a strong enough word. Thanks Cabs!

This week my kiddos are going to VBS at my in-laws church. It's at night and they live about 45 minutes away. So every night they spend the night with my in-laws and then my mother-in-law brings them home mid-morning while she goes into work for a few hours and then picks them BACK up in the afternoon after naps for the night. Are you following me here?!?! This is fantastic!!! And the kiddos love it!

Dalton is saying "Shake it Up!" the theme to their VBS this year.

Last but not least is this watch ...

SB left it over here the other night and I put it on yesterday and I've decided I really like it. I think I like this Michael Kors one better, though. Betsey Johnson is a little weird for me, ha! I don't think I'm cool enough for Betsey!
Hint Hint, Aaron! ;)

Ok, I think some laundry is calling! Hope everyone has a loverly Wednesday!!


Caroline Peeples said...

We linked to each others blogs in our respective Wednesday Loves posts... soul mates. :-)

*Kelly* said...

Oh my, what a great M.I.L.
VBS sounds fun and love the pic of the kids.
That Betsey Johnson watch is great and i didnt know she did accessories.

Stephanie said...

I love reading your blog! I am going to have to cook the chicken recipe... sounds yummy. Love you and hope we see you soon. :)
Aunt Stephanie

Je$$ said...

i have got to get a crockpot!

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