Thursday, June 23, 2011

3 years. (+ one week)

Bubba's Belated Birthday!

Dalton's birthday was a week ago ... June 16. But, he's still 3, so we can talk about it now! ;)

Dalton is my crazy child. I have said on several occasions that I totally don't deserve Avery, she's just way too sweet, thoughtful, always delightful, always polite etc ... But, that Dalton, well I totally deserve him. ;) He is still as much of a mess as ever. Yesterday I found him on the top shelf of my closet (which is taller than I am) ... Just sitting up there with his hands on his hips. Naked. He is fearless. LHM.

However, there has never been a bigger Momma's boy! He still melts my heart every day. He can be the sweetest boy that has ever lived! His blonde hair and long eyelashes don't hurt either. Here he is swinging with his daddy waking up to be a big 3 year old.

Couldn't you just eat him?

Since Dalton and Avery had already had their party we just planned to let D pick some of his fav things to do. After waking up on his birthday, he announced he was "tree yeers ode" and wanted to get donuts. So, we did. He also requested "Mac 'N Cheese" which after a while I finally figured out meant Chuck E. Cheese. We played and played. He rode the horsey game at least 5 times, ate lots of pizza and birthday cake and even danced with Chuck E. However, with all the "fun" I didn't snap one picture! But, Dalton loved it! Afterward, we went to Dede's house for naps and to Target to pick out some happies for Easton's bday party. I did take a picture with my phone of that ...

I think I was still on overload from all the pics I took at the beach!

I have to put what Aaron put on Facebook on D's birthday, I just thought it was the sweetest thing and I don't want to forget!
Aaron posted the picture below with the caption beneath.

"Happy 3rd Birthday to Dalton "Bubba" Boone ... Such a blessing! All the reasons that men want at least one son! Love ya bud!"

Love that Aaron Boone. :) And he loves you, D.

Dalton weighs 36 pounds, wears 3T clothes, size 10 shoes, and is all boy. He is by far the biggest boy in his class at MDO, but one of the youngest!
His favorite foods are chicken tenders with honey mustard, Mac 'n cheese, and ribs- ha! ;) But, he will eat just about anything! (And then say "mmm-mmm, my Fay-Wit!!")
He is a great sleeper, most nights he's asking to go to bed! He usually sleeps around 8:30-8:30. And he still takes great naps in the afternoon for several hours.
He loves going to school and very friendly and playful. His teachers love him!
He still just loves animals! Any and ALL animals ... He is rarely without one. But, here is his new favorite ...

Meet Goose! This is D's b-day present! Goose is a 4 year old black lab; he's very much an outside/hunting dog but if Aaron is gone and I get skeered, he's allowed to come in. I finally agreed to a dog as long as it lives outside and was far from the puppy stage. ;). So ... Here is Goose. To say D has a new BFF
is an understatement. He tells EVERYONE about Goose! Lovesss him!!
Dalton is also VERY protective! He is quick to stand up for his mommy, sissy, or Baby Sawyer.

Dalton Davis Boone,
You are SUCH a light to our family! You make every day more fun and I am just head over heels in love with you. You are the best helper, sweetest snuggler, sneakiest hide-and-seeker and your love of life is precious. I'm SO blessed to be your mommy!

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