Saturday, June 18, 2011

Beach Vacay ... Part IV

Yes, I'm still blogging about our Vacay. Tomorrow we'll wrap up the whole trip- but today we'll talk about our Thursday on the Beach! :)


Thursday may have been the MOST fun day! Possibly because I THRIVE with activity, and this day was fun-filled!

Sawyer was up at 4:30 and was laughing so hard in his crib I had to get him out of there before he woke everyone up. We walked along the beach, watched the dolphins jump high, and steered clear of all the freaky cranes on the beach ...

These things are scary enough 30 yards away when Aaron was sitting right next to me. Much less when I'm carrying a tasty morsel like Sawyer around and they want to get 10 ft from me! We ventured back to the condo around 5:30. Up until this trip Sawyer had had a pretty limited diet of Organic and somewhat riduclously priced baby food. It was THE ONLY baby food he would eat so I decided it was worth it. HOWEVER, throughout the week Sawyer decided he was ready for other foods as all his siblings and cousins kept sneaking him treats. This week he had powdered donuts, glazed donuts, fried pickled, cheetos, halibut, ice cream, pizza, mac 'n cheese, grilled chicken, turkey ... pretty much whatever we ate, he ate! HILARIOUS! He squealed with delight over each new thing! Needless to say, he is now on a less fancy diet at home!

This is after he grabbed a bowl of powdered donuts of the couch one morning ... he was in love at first bite! :)

Later that morning we said bye-bye to Aaron's dad, who had to drive on back to Arkansas. We were sad to see him go!

After Da' left we hurried down to the beach to watch Ryley and Ashley PARASAIL! It was super fun and the kids got a big kick out of seeing them go right by us on the beach!

Avery had been completely scared of the ocean all week, but Thursday she would at least put her feet in. We had a fun day in the sand!

From BEACH 2011

From BEACH 2011

From BEACH 2011

KJ was anxiously waiting on her Mommy to return!

Around noon Aaron and Lynda took the big babes back to the pool and condo while Ash, Sawyer, KJ, and I stayed on the beach a little longer. KJ and Sawyer took their naps out there again- sweet babies!
That night we did the unthinkable! We took the whole crew to dinner! They actually were pretty good!

After dinner I realized we were going to have to do family pictures that night if they were going to happen ... so off we went to the beach for ... you heard me- MORE pictures! :)

We ended the day with a dip in the pool! We love Vacation!


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